The Winter Skincare Rules I Swear By

Winter Skincare

Winter Skincare

I do not know about you , but winter is the hardest season for my skin. My skin does get oily in summers which I absolutely hate , but winter is the bane for my skin. My skin becomes extremely dry and don’t talk about my nose which is always red.

But few things do save me from extreme winter skin woes and I follow them by heart. I am not a professional but a person who loves to read about skincare and follow what I read ( not everything , only those things which I find useful). My skin has changed and I am proud to say that I do receive the compliments for my skin now.

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Here are few winter skincare rules I swear by for healthy skin

  • Wash your face , no ifs and buts! – Some people avoid washing face at night fearing the dryness resulting from it. Instead it helps removing the dry & dead skin cells and prepares the skin for moisturization.
  • As soon as you wake up , splash your face with cold water. It will not only help you in waking up but also tighten the skin.
  • Avoid foaming cleansers – Those bubbles do no favor to your skin. Foaming cleansers strip the skin of natural oils even though they make your skin feel squeaky  clean. I would recommend using oil cleansing method ,cleansing milks or cleansing grains.
  • Exfoliate, its necessary! – Exfoliation removes the dry layer of dead skin and exposes fresh and glowing skin from beneath. This also helps the skin to absorb the oils that you apply on your skin better.
  • You really need an eye cream (very important) – The skin around our eyes is super delicate (prone to fine lines)and ages faster than any other part of our skin. In winters I wake up with extra dry skin around my eyes. This under eye cream by raw rituals has helped me a lot. I apply it at night to wake up with moisturized and less puffy under eye area.
  • Avoid long hot showers.
  • Lip balm, my savior – I always have lip balm in my handbag. In addition to using it on my lips, I use it on my nose (which becomes extremely dry) and area around my lips. (I recommend this lip balm by juicy chemistry .

Lastly,I totally rely on face masks. Whenever my skin feels dehydrated, I decide to pamper it with a homemade face mask using honey and oils.

DO YOU HAVE ANY TIPS TO ADD? Share in comments below!

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