Kerala Part #1 (Experiencing Kerala With Vasundhara Sarovar, an eco-friendly resort)

kerala, vasundhara sarovar, vasundhara hotels, alleppey has been on my bucket list since forever. Well, who doesn’t want to explore the land of coconuts & spices, the land of Ayurveda and the Venice of India? Finally, after a lot of hustle and cancellation of my trip twice, I made it to Kerala to experience its culture, indulge in Ayurvedic massages, take dips in the ocean, do yoga and just relax. Basically, that’s what vacations are meant for. Instead of being touristy, I opt for slow travel. I do explore a few places but my basic motive of a vacation always remains to just chill and soak in nature as much as I can.

Since this trip was 5 days long, I planned to write about them in two blog posts to keep the details short, clean and concise. The first one will cover my stay in Alleppey at an eco-friendly resort with some tourist places that I visited and the second blog post will cover the details of my stay in Kumarakom and Kochi. I really hope you enjoy the stories and photos. You can follow this for your own trip too and I am sure you will come back rejuvenated.

Alleppey, Kerala

For this, I planned to enjoy the backwaters to the fullest and my first stop was in Allepey. I didn’t want to rush. I could have spent two days in Alleppey and then moved on to Munnar or Thekaddy which were just 5 hours drive away. I even skipped visiting Athirapilly waterfall which was around 3 hours drive from my resort. I would have visited it if I had one day stay more at Kochi.  Alleppey is beautiful. Narrow canals full of bamboo houseboats, greenery, huge Vembanad lake, and slow life.

Day 1- Coir Museum and Marari Beach

I landed in Kochi at around 10 am in the morning and reached Vasundhara Sarovar in Allepey in two hours. The hotel cab came to pick me up at the airport and we went to the hotel on a motorboat.  I was welcomed with coconut water and flower garland which seems like a tradition in Kerala.

On the first day, I planned to visit the Coir Museum in Alleppey to learn how man has made thousands of things just out of coconuts. From carpets to boats, to buildings, every single thing can be made from coconuts. Hotel suggested me to visit other museums and tourist places too, which I planned to skip. I was more keen on spending time at the beach and taking dips in the ocean. I spent 4 hours at the beach getting drenched, walking, embracing sunset and reading.

I spent the evening having traditional Kerala food by the pool made by the chef at Vasundhara Sarovar. It was so calming to have dinner in candlelight listening to the flute being played in the background. Post dinner, I pampered myself with an indulgent bath with Epsom Salt, Lavender essential oil, and Rose Petals & went to the bed early.

kerala, vasundhara sarovar, vasundhara hotels, alleppey, marari beach

kerala, vasundhara sarovar, vasundhara hotels, alleppey

Day 2- Houseboat Tour, Yoga & Abhyanga 

On day 2, I decided to enjoy the hotel to the fullest. I started my day with a Yoga on the hotel’s yoga deck, took a dip in my room’s plunge pool and had dosas for breakfast. Soon after breakfast, the hotel’s manager gave a property tour, showcasing all the eco-friendly measures the hotel has taken and how the property is a perfect wellness getaway. I also learned about various herbs that this resort grows in their herbal garden. Then, I hopped on their luxurious houseboat made of bamboo. We explored the neighboring fishermen homes and drank toddy (an alcoholic drink tapped from coconut saps). Slight drizzling made the whole houseboat experience feel like heaven.

I came back to the hotel’s restaurant and tried the traditional Kerala Sadya meal served on banana leaf with everything cooked in coconut oil. It was DELICIOUS! After lunch, I went to the spa and chose Abhyanga for myself. It was a warm oil body massage followed by a 10-minutes steam session in a wooden steam box. It was BLISS.

In the evening, I moved around the property, read a book while watching the sunset and slept tight after having the dinner.

kerala, vasundhara sarovar, vasundhara hotels, alleppey

kerala, vasundhara sarovar, vasundhara hotels, alleppey

kerala, vasundhara sarovar, vasundhara hotels, alleppey

kerala, vasundhara sarovar, vasundhara hotels, alleppey

kerala, vasundhara sarovar, vasundhara hotels, alleppey

kerala, vasundhara sarovar, vasundhara hotels, alleppey

kerala, vasundhara sarovar, vasundhara hotels, alleppey

kerala, vasundhara sarovar, vasundhara hotels, alleppey


kerala, vasundhara sarovar, vasundhara hotels, alleppey

A wonderful combination of luxury and sustainability, this resort is the perfect getaway for those who want to experience true Kerala along with being in nature. It has been built keeping in mind the traditions and festivals of Kerala. Vasundhara Sarovar has 60 rooms with 7 different categories. I stayed at the deluxe suite with a private plunge pool but my favorite room has to be the floating villa. The hotel follows zero waste policy, uses solar energy, the paintings are made with vegetable dyes, uses woods, stones & flowers for decor and grows its own herbs for the spa. The staff deserves a mention here. They treated me like a family and kept suggesting me things to do throughout my stay. If I ever visit Vayalar again, I am sure I will be staying here.

kerala, vasundhara sarovar, vasundhara hotels, alleppey

Must Do’s-

A spa at Vasundhara Sarovar is a must. I have had massages at various spas but this one was beyond amazing.

Do try the Dal cooked in coconut oil. It was delicious and creamy.

A visit to the Toddy shop on the houseboat is also a must have experience.

You can read the second part of my trip HERE.

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