How To Update Skincare Products For Winters

natural skincare routine

Yes, it is very important to transition skincare products from summers to winters because the needs and texture of our skin change as the weather turns. With the colder winds and warmer showers , our skin tends to loose moisture and become more dull and dry.

I firmly believe in investing in skincare products. People are willing to spend huge amounts of money on makeup to hide skin issues while skipping the products to keep skin healthy. This should really be the other way round. Invest in your skincare routine and you will not require any concealor to hide imperfections.

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natural skincare routine

When winters set in , it becomes important to swap out various products from your skincare routine for those that add hydration and moisture to your skin to keep it glowing despite the cold weather. Below I have mentioned the kind of products you should include in your winter skincare.

Use A Gentle Cleanser

Avoid harsh cleansers during winters which strips your skin of moisture. I use  my homemade soothing facial cleanser which gently removes dry flaky skin from my face . Mix it with milk , as oatmeal forms a gel kind of thing on adding it in a liquid that moisturizes the skin as well.

Swap Your Face Moisturizer

Adding hydration to the skin is the key to keep skin healthy during winters. Switch your summer face moisturizer with something heavier .I am currently using this all rounder day cream by Juicy Chemistry (it has natural spf as well) which is a bit too thick for my skin , so I only use a pea size on my face and its enough.

Add a Hydrating Face Serum

Serums are made of only nourishing ingredients for the skin which will deeply hydrate the skin giving you a healthy texture. I am loving my homemade hydrating serum for winters these days which actually helps me waking up with hydrated and soft skin.

Try Using a Facial Oil

Natural facial oils are a blessing for your skin. There are numerous oils from which you can choose a suitable oil for your skin. Add two three drops of oil to your daily moisturizer which deeply moisturizes skin along with offering tons of other benefits.

Use a Moisturizing Scrub

Exfoliation becomes more important in winters to remove the flaky skin that forms on face due to dryness. I use this moisturizing homemade face scrub to deep clean my face once in 15 days.

Use a Hydrating Facial Mask

With the changing weather , you need to change your face mask as well. The mask should contain nourishing oils to lock in moisture in the skin.This Orange and Mocha Face Mask contains oils and butters along with other ingredients to moisturize skin. It instantly wakes up and tightens my skin.

What are your favorite products for winter skincare? 

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  1. You are doing great job Arushi. Skincare is not everyone’s cup of tea. Thanks for helping me to invest in good products..

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