Under Eye Cream By Raw Rituals

For the past few months so many of you have asked me about my favourite , all natural eye cream , and I did not have any answer for that as no under eye cream seemed to impress me.Finding a good under eye cream that was good for me and performed well was certainly a challenge, which is why I was super happy to discover this product.

If you are looking for an organic cream for your dark circles and fine lines , this post is for you. Raw rituals is one of the brands I trust for high quality natural and organic products that do not contain any toxins.


First of all let me share its ingredients list with you which I found to be really helpful and beneficial for the skin around our eyes .

Green Tea – treats dark circles and puffiness

Almond Oil – anti-inflammatory, so it reduces puffy bags , dark circles , discoloration under the eyes and moisturizes delicate under-eye skin, leaving it soft and smooth.

Arabica Coffee – promotes smooth skin and reduces puffiness.

Avacodo Oil – reduces fine lines and wrinkles

Coconut Oil – Erases dark circles and moisturizes skin.

Shea Butter – hydrates skin , banishes dark circles and brings brightness back into eye area.

Cocoa Butter – fights scarring and aging

Vitamin E – keeps under eye skin thick, supple and strong

Cucumber Oil – fades dark circles and provides relief to tired eyes.

Lavender essential oil – soothes tired eyes and provides relief to any kind of irritation.

How to use
– This product would work for every skin type , just dab a pinch of this cream on your eyes and gently massage for 30 seconds. I keep this in fridge and apply it during day as well as night. If you have dry under eye skin , then do apply it during day as well.

This Green Tea and Coffee Infused Under Eye Cream makes my eyes look hydrated and bright and has also worked for my dark circles a bit. It keeps my eyes moisturized whole day which is very important to avoid fine lines and wrinkles. It has tightened the skin under my eyes . It feels so refreshing and relaxing, this is really one of my favorite under eye creams to date.

You can shop for this Under Eye Cream HERE .

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