A Complete Guide To Applying Face Masks

Applying face mask  is a treat for your skin. They must be added to your skincare routine to give your skin a weekly boost. There are tons of masks available in the market or you can also whip up different masks at home to keep your skin nourished. But making some common mistakes while choosing and applying your face mask reduces effectiveness and snatch away the benefits of the face mask you are using. Keep on reading to avoid the common mistakes when you apply your face mask next time.

Why You Need Face Masks

Facial masks are skin saviors. They can give your skin an instant boost and glow.  Applying face masks is one of the best way according to me to get glowing , healthy and supple skin.  Face mask improves the complexion of the skin , keeps skin hydrated , reduces the size of pores , skin pigmentation and fine lines , evens skin tone and keeps skin firmer.

For past so many months I have been regular in applying face masks which has made a huge difference to my skin. I wrote about it earlier . You can read it here .

Some homemade Face Masks that I made – Homemade Chocolate Face Mask and DIY Turmeric Face Mask .

Choosing The Right Type of Mask

With loads of options available in the market , you might get confused and end up buying the wrong type of mask for your skin . Here is a small list suggesting the ingredients or type of face mask to look for according to your skin.

Dry Skin  – If your skin is dry , you must look for face masks made of nourishing oils for the skin which will retain moisture and avoid making skin dry and flaky.

Oily / Acne Prone Skin  – Due to excess oil production skin becomes shiny and prone to acne.  Using clay masks will absorb the excess oil from the skin and clear out the clogged pores , hence preventing acne. Always look for ingredients which are anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial like tea tree oil  to prevent acne  .

Sensitive Skin – People with sensitive skin must look for skin soothing ingredients like oatmeal , turmeric , aloe vera  .

Dull Skin – For dull skin look for an exfoliating mask which will remove the dead skin cells from your skin revealing glowing and fresh skin.

Dark Spots/ Hyper-Pigmentation/ Blemishes – Vitamin C rich masks can help fight all these.

Normal Skin – Very few people have normal skin and they are the luckiest as they have a wide range of masks to choose from. They can try out each and every ingredient.

Tips For Applying Face Mask Correctly

Once you have bought a suitable mask for your skin , you must apply it properly to absorb the maximum benefits . Read below the tips I always follow when I use a face mask.

    • Before applying face mask , always wash your face. Be sure that your face is thoroughly cleansed before you layer it with your mask. Use warm water to wash your face as it will open the pores for the mask to easily take out dirt and soak in skin.
    • Never apply mask using your fingers. Buy a proper brush to pain your face with the mask.  Also , do not pour your fingers directly in the tub , use a proper spatula to take it out.

face masks according to different skin types

  • Before applying a mask , make sure your face is not damp.
  • Let your mask dry naturally. Do not sit under a fan or use blow drys to make your mask dry faster.
  • Stay still while the mask is on . Do not speak or read anything. Lay down and relax.
  • Do not keep the mask on for too long. Wash your clay mask before it reaches the flaky stage.
  • Wash your mask with lukewarm water.
  • After washing the mask off , splash your face with normal tap water.
  • Always moisturise with a serum , facial oil or normal moisturiser.

Tip for people with dry skin – If you feel that your mask is too drying for your skin , mix it with honey or a few drops of your favorite facial oil like jojoba oil , argan oil or even coconut oil instead of mixing it with water.

face mask for different skin types

I always mix my face masks using rose water , honey , curd instead of using normal water.

I hope this post will help you guys to look for suitable face mask and reap the maximum benefits of your product.


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      1. Don’t use Vitamic C directly on face. Use masks that is just rich in Vitamin C along with other ingredients as well.

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