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Glitter Naturally Blog

Glitter Naturally Blog

Hello Hello! Today i.e 29th January , I turn 20 . 20 sounds as if I have turned or become too old today. Anyways aging is a beautiful thing which means you’re healthy as you’re growing old. I started my 20th on a great note as I got a chance to fulfill my dream of starting a small business to promote organic skincare in India by starting Blend It Raw Apothecary.

Glitter Naturally Blog

To mark my birthday , I thought to share few personal things I have learnt till now in this post. I hope you can relate to my thoughts!

Proscalpin to buy in canada 1) Me time is very important – With all the work I have to do now , I feel it is actually a blessing to be bored sometimes. As a kid I used to get bored easily which frustrated me and now I long for such moments in which I do absolutely nothing. An hour of scrolling aimlessly through pinterest or facebook feels good now. 2) Sleep is necessary – As a kid it was cool for me to stay up as late as possible. Now , I treasure the time I get to sleep and constantly want to nap during the day.

order Lamictal no prescription 3) Intelligence is cool –  In school I used to be called a geek by my classmates. Though it never affected me but sometimes it was frustrating. Now I know , for me intelligence is cool . I would never be with a guy who looks cool but has no brain.

4) Even the best people of your life leave you alone – They always say to be careful of who doesn’t clap when you win, sadly some of my best friends and people who were like family to me demotivated me when I aimed to achieve something. It’s really sad when people can’t just say ‘well done’ to someone or even give a like on social media. Life is not defined by likes or by other people saying ‘well done’ but it’s nice for hard work to be acknowledged by the people you love.

5) You’ll realise who is the best to surround yourself with – I realized recently that I’d rather have zero friends than unsupportive ones. I focus on spending more time with my parents and just two-three of my friends.

6) There’s never a perfect time to start – If you wait for the perfect time , you will wait forever. I never waited to start Blend It Raw Apothecary. I wanted to do that since the day I started my blog , hence I started planning everything from there and then.

7) You can certainly change previous bad decisions , instead of regretting whole life – It is possible to change some bad decisions. Take me for example , I made a decision to study economics at university although by heart I had zero interest in it. Instead of regretting and forcefully making a career in that field , I made my mindset to focus on my startup and German classes.

8) Little things make me happy – A friend with balloons or flowers on my door will surely make my day (just like today 🙂 ). Of course a trip to Paris would be amazing , but small thoughtful things are important to me.

Glitter Naturally Blog

9) Life can be taken at any time – Having been on the verge of losing a cousin in front of my eyes this year due to a road accident made me realize that life can be taken away anytime.

10) Get Comfy with Criticism – No matter what, someone is going to hate what you do / what you wear / what you look like… the list is endless. Sometimes they may even just hate you. These opinions are bullshit so it’s totally okay to disregard and keep it movin’!

I hope you like this post!

Do you have any lessons to share?

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  1. Belated happy Birthday wishes Aarushi !!!!! <3 <3 .. love the post !!! keep the good work up !!! thumps up !! More power to u girl !!! <3

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