Thai Coconut Facewash by Vana Vidhi

Few days back I came across a brand named Vana Vidhi. They have a huge collection of products to choose from. Out of their collection , Himalayan Sea Buckthorn Facewash and Thai coconut Face wash caught my eyes. The reason being – their ingredients. Both Sea Buckthorn and Thai coconut are new ingredients which I tried for the first time in my skincare routine.  I was quite amazed to see the benefits of these for the skin.

I will write about the Sea Buckthorn Facewash in my next post.

So lets talk about this Thai Coconut Face Wash. . .


Isn’t Thai coconut an interesting ingredient? I always like to search for the benefits of the ingredients in the products for my skin and I found these benefits of Thai coconut . .

Coconut is meant to maintain the pH balance of the skin , fights dryness and helps in maintaining a healthy and youthful skin .

Along with the goodness of coconut this face wash contains Coconut Water, Soapnut Extract, Shikakai Extract, Aloe Vera Extract, Natural Coconut Oil, Citric Acid, Purified Water, Natural Preservative.

I am using this facewash for about 3 weeks and I absolutely love how it creates a mild lather on my face. Being a very gentle facewash , it is perfect for sensitive skin people. It has a creamy lather and a beautiful aroma of coconut milk. After washing it leaves behind a soft fragrance on my face.

The proof of it being completely natural is – it does not cause any irritation to eyes. I noticed it when the facewash entered my eyes accidently.

Whenever I use this facewash , I let it be on my face for about a minute or so , so that my skin could enjoy the benefits of thai coconut (haha). It cleanses my face well.

Overall its a good facewash to invest in. The topmost reason is its ingredients. Moreover it removes the dirt and oil well and is very gentle for the skin.

You can shop for it on .

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