DIY Superfood Face Mask To Feed Your Skin Right Now

diy superfood face mask , chia seeds face mask

Being a superfood rich in healthy¬†omega-3 fatty acids, carbohydrates, protein, fiber and antioxidants, chia seeds are all over these days. Delicious fruit puddings or smoothie bowls,¬†you will find chia seeds in each and every healthy recipe. But have you ever thought of slathering these puddings you make on your face? I have and the results were truly amazing! Chia seeds are nutritional powerhouse offering benefits both inside out! Benefits of […]

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How To Update Skincare Products For Winters

natural skincare routine

Yes, it is very important to transition skincare products from summers to winters because the needs and texture of our skin change as the weather turns. With the colder winds and warmer showers , our skin tends to loose moisture and become more dull and dry. I firmly believe in investing in skincare products. People are willing to spend huge amounts of money on makeup to hide skin issues while […]

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DIY All Natural Lemon & Green Tea Body Scrub

My skin does not behave well when the weather changes. Especially when the weather becomes cooler (the weather in Delhi is changing and becoming cooler) , my skin becomes drier . It becomes dry and scratchy , so I have to give it some extra care to keep it calm and moisturized. Though I also use scrubs that I have purchased from different brands , but my love for DIY […]

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Face Masks are not just for Holidays!

I have observed that most of the people pamper their skin only on sundays or holidays . I confess , even I was like this when I was in school. Even though my life has become more hectic since last one year because I have to manage my blog and my college simultaneously , which means I get no time for myself . And my work not only includes this […]

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Ingredients to Avoid in Cosmetics

SKIN IS THE BODY’S LARGEST ORGAN AND ABSORBS WHAT YOU PUT ONTO IT. ALWAYS READ THE INGREDIENT LABELS AND KNOW WHAT’S IN YOUR PRODUCTS. Its true! What you put onto your skin can go into your body to affect health and wellness . Beauty at the cost of your health . . isn’t worth it . Right? Why shall we make our body absorb chemicals instead of the ingredients provided […]

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