How To Take Care of Your ( chapped) Lips

Remedies for chapped lips

You must have noticed that your lip balm cannot remove the white layer that gets deposited on your lips especially during winters . And now that the weather is changing and becoming cooler , I thought to share few tips to keep lips free from that white sticky layer and moisturized. I hope these simple remedies for chapped lips will help you to have soft and smooth lips during harsh […]

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Organic/Natural Skincare Brands in India

Switching to 100% organic cosmetics in India is a very challenging task . The reasons being – 1) India does not provide a proper certification for organic products. 2) There are only a handful of brands in India offering 100% organic products and till now no organic makeup brand has been launched in India (I know there are a few who claim to have organic makeup , but the truth […]

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