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The Rad Deets On Hibiscus Flower Powder

hibiscus for skin, hibiscus face mask

I am simply obsessed with using flowers in my skin care. I have been using dried lavender, chamomile, marigold and rose for a long time now in my face masks and facial steams. But hibiscus was new to me. I read hibiscus as an ingredient in a skin care product two-three months back which made me want to try it in my DIYs. After numerous tries, I finally found organic […]

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DIY All Natural Lemon & Green Tea Body Scrub

My skin does not behave well when the weather changes. Especially when the weather becomes cooler (the weather in Delhi is changing and becoming cooler) , my skin becomes drier . It becomes dry and scratchy , so I have to give it some extra care to keep it calm and moisturized. Though I also use scrubs that I have purchased from different brands, but my love for DIY products […]

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