This DIY Multipurpose Oil Is All That You Need

diy face oil , diy hair oil , diy makeup remover , diy multipurpose oil

It’s been one of my missions here to share homemade recipes for skin and hair with tips and tricks on how to keep your cleansing routine natural and healthy. It’s fairly obvious that making your own products come with loads of benefits both for your mind as well as health. I am so excited to share the details of this particular DIY Multipurpose Oil which is used by almost everyone […]

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The Winter Skincare Rules I Swear By

Winter Skincare

I do not know about you , but winter is the hardest season for my skin. My skin does get oily in summers which I absolutely hate , but winter is the bane for my skin. My skin becomes extremely dry and don’t talk about my nose which is always red. But few things do save me from extreme winter skin woes and I follow them by heart. I am […]

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Stealing My Grandmother’s Beauty Secret – Washing Face with Soap Bars

organic soaps

With the introduction of face washes and face cleansers , bar soaps have gotten a bad rapport in the market. People claim using bar soaps to be drying. I agree with them in saying this that bar soaps steal moisture away from your skin but not all bars are made the same way. Conventional soaps available in the market only contain chemicals which are more harmful for our skin cells […]

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The Rad Deets On Hibiscus Flower Powder

DIY hibiscus face mask

I am simply obsessed with using flowers in my skin care. I have been using dried lavender , chamomile , marigold and rose for a long time now in my face masks and facial steams. But hibiscus was new to me. I read hibiscus as an ingredient in a skin care product two-three months back which made me want to try it in my DIYs. After numerous tries , I […]

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DIY Body Butters , Scrubs and Lip Balms

meraki essentials

Today’s post is written by Shubhra Chaturvedi , co-founder , Meraki essentials . Winters are kicking in and all I want to do is curl up and drink some Chamomile Rosehip Tea while reading a Haruki Murakami book. But not everything about winter is fun, your skin and lips cry out for hydration and love – fortunately for me, most of my skin issues are addressed at work. Personally I […]

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My Experience With Raw Home Essentials Products

raw home essentials

Few days back I found a new natural skincare line named – Raw Home Essentials . I do not know why but the name attracted me a lot towards this brand . Branding does have a impact, lol 😉 . Everytime I discover a new skincare line from India which is actually clean and not just claims to be clean , I literally jump with joy. It makes me happy […]

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How To Update Skincare Products For Winters

natural skincare routine

Yes, it is very important to transition skincare products from summers to winters because the needs and texture of our skin change as the weather turns. With the colder winds and warmer showers , our skin tends to loose moisture and become more dull and dry. I firmly believe in investing in skincare products. People are willing to spend huge amounts of money on makeup to hide skin issues while […]

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Five Homemade Jojoba Oil Recipes You Must Add To Your Skincare Routine

This post includes five DIY skincare recipes using Jojoba Oil that are worth trying and including in your natural skincare routine. I am back with DIY skincare recipes that contain my current new favorite oil – Jojoba Oil . I am excited to share these with you all as they have been super helpful for me in this dry season. JOJOBA OIL – A BRIEF With a light nutty aroma […]

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DIY All Natural Lemon & Green Tea Body Scrub

My skin does not behave well when the weather changes. Especially when the weather becomes cooler (the weather in Delhi is changing and becoming cooler) , my skin becomes drier . It becomes dry and scratchy , so I have to give it some extra care to keep it calm and moisturized. Though I also use scrubs that I have purchased from different brands , but my love for DIY […]

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Face Masks are not just for Holidays!

I have observed that most of the people pamper their skin only on sundays or holidays . I confess , even I was like this when I was in school. Even though my life has become more hectic since last one year because I have to manage my blog and my college simultaneously , which means I get no time for myself . And my work not only includes this […]

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