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Juicy Chemistry Review

Hey Guys! So after a really long break from social media and my blog , I am finally back! Thank you for all your messages asking me if something went wrong or why I am not posting. For all those who are concerned – everything is fine! I had my university exams which made it quite difficult to write blog posts or reply to your messages.  So  lets come back […]

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Lip Balm & Lip Scrub By Juicy Chemistry

Though I have never eaten Grapefruit (its difficult to get it here in India) but for a long time I wanted to try this grapefruit lip balm . With this Juicy Chemistry lip balm I also bought lip scrub in the same flavor . I have always been attracted to Juicy Chemistry’s products because of their motto of staying 100% organic and refusing to make products that may require even […]

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