5 Changes That Can Make Working From Home Healthier

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http://boxingisforgirls.com/classes/ Okay, I have a confession to make. I HAVE BEEN EXTREMELY LAZY FOR PAST FEW DAYS. My daily schedule has been to wake up around 10 am (winters are harsh on me), sunbathe for half an hour ( I cannot do without that), plan out my day, cuddle up in my blanket with my laptop & work till 8 pm or so. I do give myself enough breaks but during […]

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Easy Peasy & Yummy Strawberry Smoothie Bowl

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One of my 2018 intentions is to experiment with wholesome food recipes. By wholesome I mean, the ones which are refined sugar & flour free and only include seasonal & healthy ingredients. Healthy does not mean eating boring food. I always try to make my food colorful, full of flavors and simple. I had been traveling for past one week, so this was the first recipe I made myself in 2018 […]

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