Life Update : Part 2

Life update - Glitter Naturally

Picture Credits – Stocksy Let’s see how long this series that I started last month will go on but I am really enjoying writing it. For all those who are new here , I started this series to write about my personal life , what I am up to these days and the things I am loving.  You can read the previous post I wrote for this series here . […]

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Life Update : Part 1

  A lot of you come on my blog to look for skincare and haircare tips and products . But some of you (who actually stick around and support me , I love you all a lot!) have a genuine interest in me as a person. To talk and share more about me / my life with you guys , I am starting a new series on my blog ‘Life […]

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My Blog Is A Year Old Today + Lessons Learnt From Blogging

glitter naturally blog

While I am writing this post , I am remembering those days when I did not even know what blogging was. Around 2 years back , I came across various pages on Instagram relating to lifestyle and fashion. I used to wonder why these girls put their pictures on Instagram everyday with so many people adoring them. Later did I realize that they are bloggers who share their creativity to […]

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