DIY Superfood Face Mask To Feed Your Skin Right Now

diy superfood face mask , chia seeds face mask

Being a superfood rich in healthy¬†omega-3 fatty acids, carbohydrates, protein, fiber and antioxidants, chia seeds are all over these days. Delicious fruit puddings or smoothie bowls,¬†you will find chia seeds in each and every healthy recipe. But have you ever thought of slathering these puddings you make on your face? I have and the results were truly amazing! Chia seeds are nutritional powerhouse offering benefits both inside out! Benefits of […]

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Soothing Cucumber Basil Face Mask

Cucumbers are one of the best beauty ingredients for our skin . Yes they serve as a perfect and healthy snack , but they are also beauty enhancers , inside and out . Cucumbers are known to contain anti-inflammatory and cooling properties which can provide your skin the much needed hydration and coolness during these summers. Famously, cucumbers have high levels of caffeic acid that reduces swelling and irritation . […]

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Homemade Cherry Face Mask

Who all love fruits as much as I do? And who all love applying fruits on their face like me? I just love making fruity face masks for my skin which not only look delicious but are so healthy for your skin. I see a lot of TV commercials and people on social media promoting fruit face washes or face masks of various conventional brands which contain a whole lot […]

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