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Hair Care Ritual

Hair care ritual , detox your scalp

Rituals! One of the most important things you can do to get some time off from your busy schedule, spend peaceful moments with yourself and relax. Taking care of your hair can also become a ritual if you develop proper steps for it. It might sound silly but this ritual will not only result in longer and shinier strands but also fill your mind with peace BECAUSE when you take out […]

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My Go To Coconut Rose Body Scrub

  When it comes to DIY projects , you must first consider whether the project is worth the hassle or not. Now let me answer the same question for this scrub..MAKE IT! You will love its feel on your skin , the fragrance and the texture this scrub has. This luxurious scrub will make a perfect gift for your mother or girl gang this summer. I made a huge batch […]

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