Ingredient Spotlight : Bentonite Clay + DIY Multipurpose Mask

bentonite clay for skin and hair

Summer , the best time to soak in maximum amount of sun, go for swims , vacations and put on loads of sunscreen. But.. all this fun causes a havoc to our skin. So , its time to give your skin some detox right? When it comes to detox, I reach for the best: bentonite clay. And today I am talking everything about this clay which should sit in everyone’s […]

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The Best Carrier & Essential Oils You Need For Healthy Hair

oils for hair

I experiment a lot when it comes to taking care of my skin and hair. Since the day I started using 100% organic or natural ingredients for my hair , the quality of my hair started changing a lot for good , especially there is a huge noticeable difference in the texture. My hair had always been thin which is why I used to chop my hair off as soon […]

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