Sweet Orange and Mocha Hydrating Face and Body Mask by Juicy Chemistry

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I love this company . If you follow me on Instagram , you must be aware about my obsession for Juicy Chemistry’s products . Its very rare that I buy too many products from a single brand , but from this brand I have used way too many products . Every jar or bottle by them contains a blend of fresh and the best quality ingredients which lures me to buy their products again and again .

Nearly everything I have tried has worked beautifully on my skin (I don’t say this statement easily).

And when it comes to a organic face and body mask with ingredients like Organic Cane Sugar , Demerara Sugar, Shea Butter , Cocoa Butter , Natural Vitamin E , Extra Virgin Olive Oil , Jojoba Oil , Virgin Coconut Oil , Sweet Almond Oil , Orange Essential Oil , Ground Coffee Bean , Cocoa Powder and Vanilla Bean , I had to buy it .

Mocha Face Mask By juicy chemistry

All the coffee lovers . . you all will love the fragrance of this face mask . I keep on smelling its beautiful aroma of coffee and cocoa along with a hint of orange.

Key to its application –
This mask can be easily applied if you make its paste by mixing it with normal tap water or milk . I use face mask brush to make it into a thick liquid paste and then spread it on my face evenly. I generally like to mix it with honey as coffee and honey make an awesome combination for skin.

I vouch for coffee as a really effective ingredient for our face as it makes the skin softer and brighter and also provides relief to skin from the harms caused by sun rays. The mask’s effective results can be credited to coffee granules present in it. Cocoa and coffee are also both packed with antioxidants, so it’s a great anti-aging and detoxifying mask.

This mask gives my skin the freshness and softness required after a long day and immediately adds a glow to the face. Its a sticky mask which also helps to reduce whiteheads. It actually hydrates the skin from within. The immediate result of this face mask that you see is – even skin tone and less tanned skin.

You can buy this mask HERE .

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