Summer Skincare Routine 2016


So I finally decided to write about my personal skincare routine after receiving so many emails and messages asking about it. According to me, one should have a fixed skincare routine and should always follow it. This is the the key to healthy looking skin. While I keep on trying new items to review for you people but I still have some staples to which I stick to most of the time. Its good to use different products for your skin to provide it with benefits of new ingredients but my skin responds best when I use brands like Osha Naturals , Raw Rituals , Juicy Chemistry etc.

I do agree that some of their products are pricey , but its good to invest in those products that actually work rather than those which are less pricey. Moreover these brands are 100% organic , so I can be sure that I am not putting anything bad on my skin.

Before starting I would like to tell that I have combination skin which is very dry on the nose and forehead and oily on cheeks and around nose.

So , here is my routine.


I start the day by washing my face with Coconut Facewash By Vana Vidhi . The problem I face with majority of Face Washes is – they dry out my skin too much. This face wash is creamy in texture and gives a mild lather to the face without making it flaky. I don’t like foaming face washes too much, so this one is perfect for me.

After I spray Bela Toner By Forest Essentials and let it dry for 5 minutes or so and then apply Aloe Vitamin E cream by Gulnare Skincare which contains SPF 20. This cream is gel based , therefore avoids oil formation on my face for whole day and also provides a matte finish to the face..

And yes not to forget my favourite Rose Lip Balm By Osha Naturals.

I always have a face mist in my bag to stay fresh during the day.


For my nighttime skincare I contribute almost half an hour daily . As soon as I come back home , I remove my makeup using extra virgin organic coconut oil. Well, my makeup only consists of simple eyeliner, nothing else.

After , that I ALWAYS apply a face mask or any DIY face pack on my face.
Favorite Face Mask -Green Rejuvenating Face Mask By Osha Naturals ( twice a week)
Favorite DIY Mask – Cucumber blended with curd (all other days, I also use other DIYs)

Both of these are very helpful for summers as they help to remove tanning.

Then I spray toner by Juicy Chemistry on my face , its so refreshing and gives my skin a very cool feel which is very important to refreshen my face after a long day. I cannot live without this mist. I let it dry and apply my absolute favorite serum by Raw rituals which makes my skin extremely soft and I wake up with a brightened face.

Buy serum HERE.
Buy facial mist HERE.

I scrub my face once a week , not more than that . I am currently using scrub by raw rituals. Its absolutely amazing and can be used as a mask too.

I hope you all enjoyed  this article.


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  1. i was using juicy chemistry Argan and Rose day serum, is the raw rituals cherubic serum comparable to that?

  2. Hey been following your blog.. ! grt going girl..
    Can you pl suggest a good under eye cream for dark circles.. i couldn’t find one which really works.!

  3. Hello, when do you use the flower power gel from Gulnare skincare. Also share done Diy face mask s that u use. Thanks😃

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