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OK so I write a lot about different products BUT today I want to dig a little deeper & discuss different fruits that I apply on my face and that really work well in keeping that dull summer skin away. I do try a lot of skin and hair care products  ..HUMAN GUINEA PIG OVER HERE & write about it. But this time I planned a blog post about the natural skin food available in your fridge!

Well instead of shelling out on those so called fruit face washes/masks by brands like Lakme , VLCC or Himalaya .. just go and apply those fruits directly.

Taking out a fruit from refrigerator , making its puree and putting it all over your face.. it feels refreshing! pretty much a skin reset.

To make it efficient for you I have only mentioned the fruits that actually work on skin and how to apply them.

Watermelon – A delicious way to keep our bodies hydrated in summer.. WELL our skin too.Having such a high content of water , it helps to keep the skin hydrated , supple and moisturized. People having oily skin will love this fruit for their skin since it balances the oil production.. Ohh , it is a rich source of Vitamin C as well.

I take a slice of water melon ,take out its juice and apply it all over my face , let it dry , apply another layer and repeat this until I get tired. You can transfer the juice to a spray bottle … A natural homemade toner will be ready!

Papaya – I am not sure if its a summer fruit as we get it every season here but I LOVE to put this on my face instead of my stomach :p . Kidding.. I eat it a lot. If you want an instant glittering skin .. try this face mask!

Blend 1 slice of papaya and add 1 tablespoon honey to it. Leave it on your skin for 20 minutes and you will be obsessed with the glow afterwards.

Muskmelon  – The smell of this fruit is so soothing… It gives the skin a boost of Vitamin C.. what else? Vitamin E & K. If you want to have soft & smooth skin , take out muskmelon and apply it on your face.

Instead of using the fruit , I collect the juice or water of muskmelon that is left behind on the plate when you cut the fruit. Use it to mix your face mask or use it the same way I mentioned for watermelon.

Coconut Water – Not specifically a summer fruit but we tend to have it more at our homes during summers. Instead of making my face packs with water , I alwayss put coconut water in it. If you are looking to get rid of pigmentation , remove tan and moisturize skin – then you must include it in your skincare and ofcourse diet.

Use it as a face toner ( great for acne) or add the water to face masks.

Litchis (or Lychees :p) – Great in soothing skin , litchis can be used to treat sunburn , reduce hyperpigmentation and heal scars. I don’t use it too much but I have read a lot about its effectiveness in skincare.

Take a litchi , remove its seed and keep on rubbing it on your face again and again.

I have tried magoes on my skin but always had bad experience with them..Any views?

So .. Go and apply these for a refreshed glowing skin.

Happy thursday beauties!

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