4 Ways To Stay Hydrated

marula juices india , my greens india , juice brands india

marula juices india , my greens india , juice brands india
If you are a regular reader of my blog , you probably know that these days I am trying to add some clean and healthy habits into my daily routine. One of the habits I’ve been focusing on is drinking more and more water. I am really bad at this even though I have few health issues because of neglecting drinking water. Trust me drinking enough water is a serious commitment for me but an important one too.

Dehydration can be the cause of fatigue, dry skin, headaches, and worst of all, illness. And in my case , mouth ulcers..ugh!

For that reason , I started using the water reminding feature of an app called Haptik. It does a pretty good job in reminding me every now and then and I rush to my fridge as soon as I get the notification from them. (This is no way sponsored 😀 , I wish they did)

So , drinking too much water every hour is simply a big task for me . I try to make it creative and tasty ofcourse (I have really choosy taste buds :D) as much as I can without a lot of efforts.

Without making this post long with my unnecessary talks , I am listing 4 ways I follow or use to have more water during the day. I obviously have plain water more but these are the ways I follow to avoid boredom sometimes , lol.

1) Detox Water – I am new to this and slowly developing my taste for detox waters. Some combinations did not really appeal my taste buds but recently I made a combination of some crushed cherries and 3 lemon slices .. It was the best. I have been drinking this combo for past one week. Usually you can have upto 2L of detox water per day but I only have one 500 ml mason jar every day. Detox water is known to flush out toxins from the body and even make your skin glow. I have observed a huge change in my digestion nowadays.

2) Fruit Juices – I hate making my own juice which is why I love the brands that are coming up with 100% pure fruit juices which are free of sugar or any kind of flavors or preservatives. I have tried many brands and pretty much liked everyone. If you are looking for some kind of detox juices , you can try the all time famous Rawpressery or I even like My Greens but if you want something that tastes good or just a healthy alternative to other packaged juices , then give Marula Juices a try. My favorite one from them is Himalayan Seabuckthorn with apple. It tastes yummm.

3) Popsicles – I have recently seen the trend of food trucks around gurgaon selling popsicles and I got really impressed by this. My favorite popsicle recipe –

You’ll need – (This will make around 3 popsicles , depends on the size of your mold)
1 cup Mangoes
1 cup Pitted Cherries
1/2 cup Coconut Milk

Directions –
– Blend mangoes with some coconut milk.
– Blend cherries with the remaining coconut milk.
– Add them to the mold one after the other and freeze.

4) Enough Fruits – I know , you know this method. Fruits are everyone’s love .. I guess so. Try to be creative with them as well. Make smoothies or sorbets .

Do you have any other tips to drink more water?

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  1. I recently started having detox water with lime and it is making a lot of difference in terms of helping me stay hydrated and it is slowly balancing my tummy which gets upset easily.

  2. Popstick ka idea badiya hai, try karungi 👍👍
    Detox water bhi bahut kaam ka rehta hai, per banane me alas kar jaati hu 🙈🙊

    1. Haha. I find making detox water easy. Just add few slices of fruits you are having with some lemon slices.

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