Skin Brightening Serum by Raw Rituals


Finding a good serum is a tough job. But yes I finally found my holly grail serum.
It’s the absolutely wonderful serum by Raw Rituals. It took me  long to decide which serum to buy from them and finally I thought to buy Skin Brightening serum. And yes I made a good decision.

Let me simply say that—unlike many products—you can actually feel the essence of the plants, oils, and herbs in Raw rituals products.


This serum is to create a perfect skin. It works towards improving the complexion , curing uneven skin tone and fading away scars and marks, thus leaving the skin healthy and supple.

Directions to use
Massage your clean face with 3-4 drops of it until the oil is absorbed completely.
Yes.  Only 3-4 drops are required. This bottle is going to last me long.

Lets have a look at those carefully thought of ingredients that are put into this serum.

Jojoba Oil – acne control, adds glow, soothes skin , fights ageing

Sweet almond oil – reduces tan and dark spots

Argan oil – natural moisturiser

Lavender essential oil – soothes itchy skin ,improves skin complexion

Pomegrante seed oil – improves skin texture.

This serum contains all these ingredients along with goodness of Cedarwood Essential oil, lemon essential oil and  vitamin E oil.

The first thing I notice after applying this serum is my soft skin. It makes my skin so soft and supple that I keep on touching it after applying the serum. The real test happens when I skip this serum and use some other oil on my face and my skin behaves badly. This serum calms my skin soo much. I give a kind of facial massage to myself using this serum.

After two weeks of using this serum I can say that it has surely made a difference in my skin. Everything takes time. This product immediately made my skin soft on first application. And after few days I can feel the glow on my skin.

I feel so satisfied on applying this serum on my face as it nourishes my skin with so many ingredients. You can say I am a bit obsessed with this serum and I wholeheartedly recommend this product to you. High performance products like these deserve a permanent spot in any skin care routine.

You can buy it HERE

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