Product Review : Skin Brightening Facial Toner By Organic Mill

Apple cider vinegar can be used for numerous things in our day to day lives. But do you guys know that it can really help your skin look brighter , firmer and clear? Apple cider vinegar is known to remove acne as it helps to kill bacteria, reduce inflammation and helps to both prevent future breakouts and calm current ones. So using a toner made of apple cider and rose water (an add on) can surely do wonders for your skin.

Toning the skin daily should be a part of your skin care routine. For years I have been using rose water to tone my skin. But when I came across a toner which can provide me the benefits of both ACV and Rose water , I replaced my rose water with this toner by Organic mill. 

Rose water, apple cider & rose essential oil.

Price – 199 INR

How to use?
After cleansing the face, just pump the toner on a cotton ball and apply it across your face.


The packaging is travel friendly and as most toners in market come with a spray cap, this one also has a spray cap. But do not spray it directly on your face as ACV can enter into your eyes which may cause irritation.

The toner is a light alcohol free toner (most toners in market contain alcohol which makes your skin dry). It is more of a hydrating toner and manages to soothe my skin off any stretchiness left after washing the face. I would say it does hydrate the skin well and makes it softer and as an immediate effect, I do see a slight glow on my face each time I use it. On days when I am too lazy to apply night cream, I  just dab my face using this without being worried about my skin.

This toner is suitable for every skin type as ACV maintains an appropriate balance between oiliness and dryness of your skin .

I would suggest this product to you as the quantity and the benefits are totally worth the cost.

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