Annoying Stuff! …Hair on Arms & Legs

ohh I know a blurry picture ! :'(

Hair on legs , arms , armpits .. ugh they are so annoying and painful when you have to remove them every 15 days.

Picture by Gemma Correll

Sick of all the pain I had to undergo , I went ahead and gave shaving my legs a try. The first thing I heard after doing that from my mom was “Are you crazy? You shouldn’t have done that.” And now , she is the one who recommends people to shave their legs.

Shaving my hair on legs and arms has definitely brought a relief to my life as I could not bear the pain of waxing every 15 days .In this post I am discussing pros and cons of shaving and the proper way to shave.

follow Pros – No pain! (The best benefit) , don’t have to visit parlour every other day , growth has reduced (Personally I still don’t see the “darker, thicker hair” people talk about), no rashes afterwards ( ohh , I used to get rashes all over my body with waxing) , requires less time.

source url Cons – Coarse hair , you are required to shave every week.

So , lets get to the correct way of shaving legs naturally .

Well , until I found my holy grail products for shaving or you can say the way of shaving , I struggled. The first time I tried shaving my legs , I bruised my hands and legs several times and the shave was not that good. . With a lot of trials and errors , I am finally able to share the steps I follow to remove those pesky hair.

Proper steps I follow to shave my legs :-

  • Scrub for a great shave –  This helps to get rid of dead skin cells that could clog up your razor – it also works to prevent a close shave which can lead to cuts or razor burns. You can use any mild homemade scrub. I use this this coconut rose body scrub as it leaves behind moisturized skin.
  • cheap antabuse Slather Aloe Vera Gel all over your arms and legs – Not the gel from your plant. You must have nnoticed aslight burning feeling that you get when you apply aloe vera from your plant.This is why I prefer using pure preservatives free aloe vera gel from Blend It Raw Apothecary. You can use honey as well.
  • Shave using a razor – For shaving I use razors by Gillete Venus (this one).  Always shave in smaller strokes with patience.
  • Mask it up! (optional) – Do not use any mask available on your shelf as many of them can irritate skin. You can simply use Kaolin Clay as a mask which will not overdry your skin and soothe any cuts.
  • Moisturize – I have observed dryness on my legs after shaving. Its best to moisturize legs with a body oil after you have shaved. This step adds a shine as well. I like this body oil which gets absorbed easily and smells heavenly.

Remember these points as well…

  • Use warm water.
  • Best time to shave is at the end of the shower.
  • Change your razor frequently.
  • Avoid using loofah or harsh towel after you have shaved.

Okay, bye! off to watch permanent roommates !

Do you have any other tips to share?

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