Rose Scrub by Ma Earth Botanicals

ma earth botanicals scrub review

Ma Earth Botanicals beauty products are made from botanical extracts and natural substances. They are handmade and contain no artificial ingredients, chemical preservatives or synthetic additives .They are made from highest quality essential oils , vegetable oils and unrefined butters. The products have a luxurious touch to thema and are gentle on the skin.

I recently tried few products from their range and cannot resist myself from sharing this luxurious food for your skin i.e rose facial scrub with you guys.

Rose Scrub By Ma Earth Botanicals

ma earth botanicals scrub review

It says

This wonderful energizing buffer sloughs away dead skin cells and other impurities , leaving you with fresh and radiant skin .



Look at those real petals of rose in this picture.

My Take-
I am very particular when I choose scrubs for my skin as many scrubs are so harsh that they cause rashes , open the pores of the skin, or make the skin very dry. This scrub is my favourite as it moisturizes really well and is a very gentle exfoliator. And obviously roses are my favourite , they have so many benefits for the skin.
– Gentle enough to be used everyday.
– Works  great for blackheads.
– Moisturizes skin well.
– You can feel the real rose petals on your skin.
– Gives a fresh face instantly.

Looking to stock up on some sweet gentle scrubs? I would recommend this rose scrub by Ma Earth Botanicals. You can buy it on their website here .


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  1. In case my skin feel dry, what should I apply immediately? I don’t want to slather those chemical-laden moisturisers. Can you suggest something more natural?

  2. I’ve heard a lot good stuff about this Rose Scrub By Ma Earth Botanicals!
    I’ll definitely give it a try now 🙂

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