Rice Flour , Orange and Green Tea Face Scrub by Juicy Chemistry

Due to a lot of open pores on my cheeks , I usually do not use scrubs too frequently on my face. But when I do , I make sure that they are organic . Juicy chemistry has been my all time favorite organic brand as I can always be sure about their purity and effectiveness. This Orange , rice flour and green tea scrub by Juicy Chemistry is formulated to remove oil from your trouble zones and add a fresh glow to the face by removing the dead skin cells and pollutants .


Made with organic ingredients like Rice Flour , Demerara Sugar , Cane Sugar , Himalayan Rock Salt , Brown sugar , White Sugar , Green Tea , Extra Virgin Olive Oil , Jojoba Oil , Natural Vitamin E , Sweet Orange Essential Oil , Green Tea infused Almomd Oil and Tea Tree essential oil.

As soon as you open the lid of this scrub , you will be welcomed by a sweet fragrance of oranges which will soothe your senses . Trust me!

Since I avoid using scrubs that are abrasive on my face , I use this face scrub as a body scrub as it has a coarse texture. I sometimes also use it on my nose to scrub off those peaky blackheads , but it has not been so effective in removing those . Therefore , I use this scrub on my hands and legs and let it stay on my body for about ten minutes to let my skin soak the nourishing ingredients that this scrub contains . Besides being used as a body scrub or a face scrub (not for me) , I also found another way to use it . Just add some amount of this scrub in your bath water to fill it with aromatic fragrance and some skin healing ingredients like Green Tea , Vitamin E , Olive Oil , Jojoba Oil and Tea Tree Essential Oil .

I used it on my face only one time . Though it made my skin too soft and clean , I would not prefer to use it on my face too often.

If you are looking for a face and body scrub with a relaxing fragrance , that doubles up as bath salt , then you must give this a try .

You can buy it HERE.

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