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pahadi local products review

Pahadi Local is a brand that locally  sources pure and luxurious wellness products from the Himalyas . I was really excited  to try out the products offered by this brand started by Jessica Jayne and share with you all my thoughts on their products that are free from any nasties and harmful ingredients.

pahadi local products review , pahadi local review

A Little About About Pahadi Local 

Pahadi Local is a brainchild of Jessica Jayne , who thought of starting this brand after doing immense reasearch , sourcing the purest products and using them herself. This brand started by selling its most famous product – Gutti ka Tel and now it has expanded its product range  by adding seven more products – Apricot Meal Scrub , Lake Sediment Detox Salt , Mineral Rich Himalayan Clay , Walnut Oil , Roswood Honey , Multifloral Honey and Kangra Leaf Cut Tea.  Pahadi Local believes in Simplicity – Simpler the product , more effective  it is.

My Experience

I found their range of products to be different from other brands . They sell the actual products that are offered by nature for our wellness. They have great products to try !!

So what did I try? I can hardly keep it in anymore.

Pahadi Local Gutti Ka Tel (Apricot Kernel Oil)

pahadi local gutti ka tel , apricot oil

So lets begin with their most famous  product – Gutti Ka Tel ! I am crazy when it comes to oils . I absolutely love layering my skin with oils mainly because it is too dry most of the year. Secondly, oils are a luxurious way to pamper your skin as they perform better than body lotions (you will realise this once you start using oils for moisturising). This oil is rich in vitamins and antioxidants for the skin and can be used all over your body , ohh and hair too! This oil can be used for treating skin issues like eczema , stretch marks or extreme dryness. I use it as a facial oil at night , it helps skin gain its smoothness and shine , all while making it healthier with its antioxidants and vitamins.  This pure gutti ka tel also helps treating dry , rough and chemically damaged hair.  The best part – It can be used as a massaging oil for your babies. You all need this as it is suitable for all skin types (it is not at all greasy or sticky and gets absorbed easily)  and offers so many benefits.

Pahadi Local Himalayan Clay

pahadi local review


I have used fuller’s earth and bentonite clay , but this himalayan clay instantly became my favorite among them  because of its extra smooth texture. Extracted from the mountains in higher altitudes , it is a natural solution for acne and oily skin. You can make a face pack by directly mixing it with water or customize a face mask according to your skin. Recently I made a face mask using this clay and shared it on my Instagram .

Pahadi Local Gutti Ki Khal (Apricot Meal Scrub)

gutti ki khal pahadi local

Gutti Ki Khal is obtained once Gutti Ka Tel has been extracted. This all natural scrub  does not contain any added ingredients by pahadi local. It is pure Apricot Meal which works as natural exfoliator and reduces ingrown hair. I scrubbed my face using it , followed by the clay mask made using Pahadi Local’s clay. It removed the dull layer of skin and softened my skin effectively.

I would like to conclude by saying  that this brand is perfect to treat your skin with effective , pure and luxurious products.  Give yourself a spa session with their organic products! You can shop their entire line HERE .


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