Enriching Ritual Hair Oil For Dandruff By Raw Rituals

Dandruff is the most common issue faced by us during winters. Hot water showers and dry winds make our skin and scalp loose moisture which results in dandruff.

For my skin and scalp winters are really harsh . I always tend to get extremely dry skin and dandruff even if I avoid hot water showers and opt for slightly warm water. Usually as soon as the weather turns colder , I start getting itchy and flaky scalp which is very annoying to be honest. I used to use homemade treatments with neem to cure it but this time of the year I did not get any dandruff to worry about. I started using the Enriching Ritual Hair Oil by Raw Rituals as soon as october set to take care of my hair . After using this oil for one month (approximately for more than 8 times) , I can assure it did help me fight my dandruff and itchy scalp.

hair oil for dandruff

Made with Coconut , Avocado and Olive Oils , this oil deeply moisturizes the scalp and locks in moisture in the hair.

Enriching Ritual Hair Oil also contains a blend of essential oils like Tea Tree , Thyme and Lavender to treat dandruff and calm your scalp to take the itch away.

Unlike conventional oils which contain mineral oil , perfume (Like seriously , what is the need of perfume in a hair oil?? ) , BHT, tocopheryl Acetate , etc. , this oil is made with cold pressed nourishing oils to deeply treat your scalp and banish dandruff naturally.

Here is the list of ingredients of this oil –

Avocado oil , castor seed oil , olive oil , black sesame oil , coconut oil , flaxseed oil , vitamin E oil and essential oils of tea tree , lemon , eucalyptus , lavender , thyme , cedarwood and aniseed .

Aniseed essential oil is a new ingredient for me , so I thought to read its benefits on the internet. This oil is extremely good for hair regrowth , repairing damaged hair and reducing itchy scalp.

Black Sesame Oil works to banish grey hair and also promotes hair growth.

Reasons you should consider adding this hair oil to your winter hair care routine –

  • The powerful blend of selected essential oils for dandruff in this hair oil will keep itch and dandruff away from your scalp in dry weather.
  • This hair oil works as a multi purpose hair oil. It reduces dandruff, contains ingredients to promote hair growth and keeps hair moisturized as well.

I massage this oil right before bed and leave it overnight two times a week. Oiling hair should be a top priority if you want to have a healthy scalp and mane. Two times a week is a must. If you have extremely oily hair then reduce it to once in a week .

It definitely worked in reducing my dandruff and I even noticed that it makes my hair softer and reduces frizz after washing.

This enriching Ritual Hair Oil for dandruff by Raw Rituals has definitely earned a spot on my top favorites list. I will definitely consider it buying again due its rich blend of  oils and essential oils to treat every issue faced by our scalp and hair. The packaging is simple and allows you to peep through the color and quantity left of the oil . This oil has a light herbal smell which calms down my mind instantly .

Buy this oil here .

Do you use hair oils? How do you prevent dandruff?

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  1. Your reviews have made me buy so many products and I have loved each one. I am so wanting to buy this oil after reading thiS. 😀

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