Say Hello To Soft Skin with Body Mask by Juicy Chemistry

We use sheet masks , face masks , homemade masks and what not for our face but we are actually missing an important segment of the masking. Body masks for arms , legs , and feet are not talked about and used too much by people. Even I am one of them . I never cared to mask my whole body until I entered into blogging . I try to use and review all the possible products for you all , this is why I bought this French Green Clay & Chamomile Body Mask by juicy Chemistry. And I am  glad that I incorporated this body mask in my bathroom shelf.


It is a powdered mask with a soothing aroma of mint with a hint of fruity smell of grapefruit essential oil. Putting it on fills the bathroom with beautiful fragrance and gives a feel of a spa treatment as this mask not only smells good , but also soothes your skin. The texture of this scrub is very smooth and soft instead of being too grainy.


Loaded with ingredients like Oatmeal , Epsom Salt , French Green Clay , Wheatgrass Powder, Chamomile , Mint , Green Tea , Chamomile Essential oil , Helichrrysum Essential Oil and Grapefruit essential oil , it detoxifies skin and drinks all the toxins , impurities and oil. Lets see some benefits of its ingredients for our skin!

French Green Clay – It is full of nutrients for the skin , revitalizes skin complexion and tightens pores.

Chamomile – It soothes skin instantly.

Epsom Salt – Relives muscle pain and inflammation.

Helichrrysum Essential Oil – It retains skin moisture and prevent cuts. (Good thing for your feet right? )

Grapefruit Essential Oil – It has beautiful aroma ! (my fav) . . It is loaded with Vitamin C which is ideal for oily skin.

This product actually does what it claims. It provides an immediate soothing and relaxing effect on application all while relieving you with its smell. I mix it with water only and apply all over my body. This mask has been effective in removing tanning as well. It makes a huge difference in the texture of the skin , whole day the skin feels soft and vibrant.

I use it after shaving my hands and legs as well to soothe any cuts left by the razor.

This luxurious body mask can be used after exfoliating with this Body Scrub by Juicy Chemistry to get soft , smooth and summer ready legs and hands.

Overall its a must have product to get beach ready arms and legs. You can buy it HERE .


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