Reverie Box – A New Natural Subscription Box in India

Reverie Box

UPDATE (22/12/16) –  Now Reverie Box has collaborated with certain brands like Tvakh which are not natural even though they claim to be so. Their products contain EDTA and Parfum which are harmful for our skin as well as health. Hence , I do not support this brand anymore. I do not have any harsh feelings for any brand but I do hate those brands which greenwash people .You can checkout my post on Ingredients To Avoid In Cosmetics before buying anything. 

Reverie Box is a newly launched subscription box in India founded with a mission to provide safe and high quality skincare products. Instead of focusing on high end brands , Reverie chooses small batch brands to provide you a luxurious skin and hair care experience which is free from any harmful chemicals .

I liked the concept of this box as all other boxes available in India contain chemical laden products as well. For those who are new to green skincare , this box is a great way to start incorporating natural skin and hair care products in your routine.

So Reverie Box launched its first box in October 2016 and they sent me a gift box . The box that I received contains 4 natural skincare products  with a beautiful and re-usable cardboard box. (I am using that box to store my essential oils). Their website is easy to browse and has various options of boxes to choose from . The boxes are shipped at the starting of every month , so if you want to experience some green skincare brands like Ayca , Junaili , Vana Vidhi , Bon Organics , Saint Pure , Soap Square , Burst of Happyness , Neev , Ma Earth Botanicals and Roots Magique , you can subscribe to their November Box right now . They are also working on launching a box solely dedicated to men skincare .

So I received a gift box from Reverie Box and this is all it had. It had a beautiful outer packaging with my name and then the inner packaging , the card board box by Reverie Box.

reverie box


Reverie Box

  •  Roots Magique Mud Pure Face Mask

To be honest I was waiting  to try out this brand . This Mud Pure Clarifying Face Mask is the star product of October Reverie Box. Roots Magique is a brand that specialises in body and hair oils formulated with the purest botanical ingredients. This mask made specially for Reverie Box is meant to clarify and heal the skin by absorbing all the dirt and oil . I loved its packaging. A  powdered mask in a glass bottle with a cork…. cute and unique right?. Roots Magique has put in healing herbs in this mask like Turmeric , French Green Clay , Rhassoul Clay , Fullers Earth , Amaranth and Fenugreek .

roots magique

Since this mask contains turmeric , it turned my face yellow at first. To clean the yellow color , I gently rubbed my face with a washcloth wet in warm water . After sometime my skin had a soft glow as this mask took away all the dirt and pollution from my face.


  • Ayca Jasmine Body Wash

    Ayca is a luxurious brand that offers natural skincare products that are safe and effective. This is the second product I loved! Jasmine .. How heavenly this flower smells and so does this body wash. Somehow I find body washes too drying for my skin , but this one was quite moisturising because it is derived from coconut oil.

reverie box

Made using Jasmine Essential Oil , Extracts of Reetha , Cinnamon and Cupressus Bark , Bay and Margosa Leaf , Globe Thistle Flower , Glycerine and paraben free preservative in a gel base derived from coconut oil , this body wash smells amazing due to presence of jasmine as well as so many flower extracts. It does contain mild preservative but is safe to be used .This product lathers great and leaves your skin soft.

  • Sea Salt and Moroccon Rhassoul Clay

    reverie box

This soap is made to gently cleanse as well as exfoliate skin due to the presence of sea salt in it. This handcrafted herbal soap is made with Sea Salt , Moroccan Rhassoul Clay , Coconut Oil , Glycerin , Purified Water (the brand has mentioned the key ingredients).I loved the beautiful layers of this soap with a layer of sea salt at the bottom. However , my skin became too dry after using it and it has a very strong fragrance which can irritate sensitive nose.I somwhow feel that this soap do contain fragrance oils which are not natural.



  • Aroma India Sandalwood Candle

The last product in this gift box by Reverie Box  is this candle by Aroma India. This candle is scented with essential oils . I liked the candle as it did not produce any black fumes , unlike conventional candles .

reverie box

Website – www.reveriebox.xom .

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  1. so happy & glad to hear , soothing to ears and efforts put in by all to make natural products worth 🙂 . Much love & Hugs to you

  2. Thankyou Glitternaturally so much for such lovely review & so glad you have liked Roots Magique for what it stands for 🙂

  3. I am not aware of any box which has ever been curated for men. It is a wonderful step taken by ReverieBox to scourge through the numerous cosmetics available and offer the safest n purest of the lot. I look forward to their men edition but for now got to order one for my sister as a Diwali gift. Great work ReverieBox !!

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