How I Remove Labels Naturally

Repurpose old product bottles

Repurpose old product bottles

I have a confession to make – I absolutely love the bottles of some products and sometimes they are so cute that it becomes difficult for me to throw them away. I mean , why to throw when you can use them for so many things. Some of you might think – eww..what is she talking or doing , I request you to please leave.

I generally keep the bottles of juices , skin & hair care products and essential oils , take off their labels , sanitize them to remove any odor or leftover product and reuse them for so many things. So why not to share the process with all of you 😀 .

How to remove labels and make old products bottles fit for usage –

This process is a bit long but trust me it makes the bottles safe for usage again. Ohh and the bottles don’t look old too.

1) To begin with , I dip all the bottles in warm water mixed with half cup white vinegar and 15 drops of any oil. I used neem oil.

Repurposing Old Product Bottles

2) Take them out after half an hour and remove the labels. The dipping part will make them come out easily but you will still have some work to do as the sticker leaves behind some gum which feels sticky and looks bad.

Repurposing Old Product Bottles

3) To remove these , all you require is some baking soda and coconut oil. Mix equal parts of coconut oil and baking soda in a jar. Also , this mixture will never go bad. So store it in a jar for future use as well. Once you are done with removing labels , apply this homemade label remover to the sticky part and let it sit for 15 minutes. Then using a brush or loofah , scrub it off and wash.

Repurposing old product bottles

4) Now comes a really important step to make this fit for use – SANITIZE!
To sanitize , dip the bottles in warm water and add 15 drops of lemon essential oil to it. After 15 minutes , take the bottles out and keep them in sun for a day. This will remove any sort of stains , odors or leftovers in the bottles.

How I use old product bottles –
Decor- I add some water and keep my flowers/plants in them for my work table. Money plants are the easiest to grow in bottles. If you are creative , you can even draw on them or make some best out waste decor piece with them.
Store DIY Products – Since I love making new products , old bottles come handy in storing them . I use essential oil bottles for serums , jars for body butters or scrubs and sprays for my toners. You can gift these two.
Smoothies – I love using the juice bottles to store my smoothies. I make them in the morning and store in fridge for the day ahead. They look cute too.

Have you tried repurposing your old bottles? How do you do that?

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  1. You are right… Some bottles are cute to be thrown away!

    Loved this post 😘😘 Thanks a lot dear… Just one question, can I use lemon juice instead of the lemon essential oil??

    1. I have not tried using lemon juice. But I guess you can as it is effective in kitchen cleaning as well.

  2. Mostly main bhi bottle reuse kar hi leti hu, kuch to itni pyaari hoti hain ki fekne ko dil nahi karta, kuch bahut useful hoti hain 😊

  3. Wow amazing post! I did try re-using my plastic bottles. Tried cutting the base of a green sprite bottle& use it as tic tac or hair bow holders. After cutting the base with a cutter, made sure the edges are smooth by moving a hot iron on the edges. Then added some glue inside the base & added glitter to it, this made the bottle base full of glitter & glued some decorative leaves outside. The upper part can be used for planting some indoor trees like money plant or making a cute windchime

    1. Ohh I hate doing such crafts related work so I only stick to using them directly for plants or storing oils.

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