Routine : Pamper yourself at home || An effective way to relax!

In this hustling life , it’s important for us to take a break from our constantly busy lives to just RELAX..! Its really necessary to stop all the activities , all stresses and mind straining work to provide your body with a peace from within. Having a spa day does not always mean going to luxurious spas and burn a hole in your pockets to relax your mind. I am not in favor of shelling out huge amounts at spas which only stresses you out more. Once in a while its okay to pay a good spa for a massage or a hair therapy. In my opinion we can have a really relaxing Sunday at homes also. Here are some of the things I do once in a month to give myself a feel of a spa at home. Try these and your body will thank you.


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1) Take a relaxing  Bath
Start your day with a hot bath , the most important of all. Pour some bath salts or your favorite essential oil in your bath water , put on a homemade hair mask and make a DIY scrub to exfoliate your skin. After this treat your face with some good face mask , I usually apply face mask after shower as it closes all the pores which open during a hot shower and because of scrub.

Buy Bath Salts ( HERE – Organic Rose and Chamomile Bath salts) .

2) Wear some comfy clothes
I usually prefer not going out when I want to pamper my body , this is why I jump into my comfy pajamas and some loose top.

Wear anything that will make you feel comfortable.

3) Provide your Skin some nourishment
Do not ever leave your bathroom without moisturizing your skin. Since I don’t go out on this day , I skip sunscreen. Instead I pamper my skin with some organic face and body oils.

Give a massage to every part of your body for good 2 minutes each. Take some time to love your body.

For body I use Bath and Body Oil . You can buy it HERE. And for my face , I apply Skin Brightening Serum , you can buy it HERE .

4) Grab your favourite meal and drink

For me fruits are the best option.They make you feel full yet not bloated. Its better to grab a healthy smoothie (obviously you should do some good to your stomach as well).

I make myself a bowl full of banana ice cream blended with some mangoes and top it off with some nuts and raw organic honey. I am a coffee person, so I grab a cup of coffee after sometime. Well if you don’t feel like having fruits , its completely okay. Go according to your mood. Listen to your heart and stomach as well.

5) Stay away from your phone

I swear its the most difficult thing for me. Seriously I check my phone every 15 minutes or so. And I know you must be feeling the same right now. But its important to give your mind some peace. I would recommend you all to do this , though I am still struggling with this part. I try to read some novel, magazine or listen music to distract my mind away from my phone.

6) After all this , take a NAP!
What’s better than a good sleep? I bet after following all the above steps you will feel way too much relaxed and have a very sound sleep. You will wake up refreshed and energetic.

I feel so good after waking up, trust me.

I hope you all loved this article.


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