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Life Update : Part 1

  A lot of you come on my blog to look for lifestyle, natural beauty and wellness tips . But some of you (who actually stick around and support me , I love you all a lot!) have a genuine interest in me as a person. To talk and share more about me / my life with you guys , I am starting a new series on my blog ‘Life […]

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Things I Have Learnt By 20

Glitter Naturally Blog

Hello Hello! Today i.e 29th January , I turn 20 . 20 sounds as if I have turned or become too old today. Anyways aging is a beautiful thing which means you’re healthy as you’re growing old. I started my 20th on a great note as I got a chance to fulfill my dream of starting a small business to promote organic skincare in India by starting Blend It Raw Apothecary. […]

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The Rad Deets On Hibiscus Flower Powder

hibiscus for skin, hibiscus face mask

I am simply obsessed with using flowers in my skin care. I have been using dried lavender, chamomile, marigold and rose for a long time now in my face masks and facial steams. But hibiscus was new to me. I read hibiscus as an ingredient in a skin care product two-three months back which made me want to try it in my DIYs. After numerous tries, I finally found organic […]

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Fresh , Clean & Green With Waundry – An Organic Laundry Service In Delhi

laundry service in delhi

Image – Stocksy Doing laundry is a long and tedious task. Everyone loves the scent of freshly washed and ironed clothes but no one likes to get up and spend their time doing this task. For all those who find doing laundry at home a tedious task , I have got a clean and green solution for you – ‘Waundry’ , an organic laundry service in Delhi. About Waundry – […]

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Healthy Hair Care Habits I Swear By

Hair Care Tips - Glitter Naturally

Taking care of long hair is quite a deal , especially when its your first time dealing with long hair. Growing up I always have had short hair till my shoulders to avoid all the trouble caused by long hair. Because of my mother’s love for long hair, I decided to grow out my hair till waist and I am actually loving my look with long hair now. There are […]

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Turmeric Facial Mask For Brighter Skin

A homemade turmeric face mask to get glowing skin instantly.

You must be aware of my love for pampering my skin and feeding it with kitchen ingredients as much as possible. I do use natural face packs by different brands , but using a homemade face mask gives me more satisfaction. I like concocting new face masks every now and then and share it with you all. You can follow me on Instagram to see more of it (Username @glitternaturally […]

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DIY All Natural Lemon & Green Tea Body Scrub

My skin does not behave well when the weather changes. Especially when the weather becomes cooler (the weather in Delhi is changing and becoming cooler) , my skin becomes drier . It becomes dry and scratchy , so I have to give it some extra care to keep it calm and moisturized. Though I also use scrubs that I have purchased from different brands, but my love for DIY products […]

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Know Me More !! Q&A Blog Post

Hello people! I started this blog on 20th December last year but for a very long time I did not share my identity with you all. I was a shy girl who used to be very conscious about her looks and what other people will think of her. I was never confident about my looks or my work . But one day I uploaded my first picture on Instagram after […]

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