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Blend It Raw Apothecary Turns 1 Today

blend it raw apothecary , bend it raw beauty , blend it raw founder, blend it raw products

Being a crazy lover of making my own skincare products especially facial masks and oils, I found it difficult to get organic oils/ butters and powders online, hence I spent one year brainstorming this idea and finding pure unrefined raw material to indulge you all in the practice of self-care while mixing (basically DIYing) your own beauty routine using pure ingredients which are sourced from their origin. My basic motive […]

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2018 Intentions

2017 has really been my year. A roller coaster to be honest but a year which has changed me as a person and changed my life professionally. I had been a studious person who has always been into her books until last year ending when I planned to do something which was never really on my mind. I launched Blend It Raw Apothecary and this small venture of mine did […]

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Wellness Stay: Aura, Goa

Aura resort goa,aura goa, aura , wellness resort in goa , mandrem beach goa

Hi, people! I have already shared a lot about my yoga retreat that I attended in Goa last month but I never got into the details about Aura aka a serene resort nestled close to Mandrem beach in Goa, the place where we spent our 7 days during the retreat. So, here we are. Let me share with you all the highlights from my stay at Aura, the calm yoga spaces, some […]

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Yoga Retreat With Wandering Jane & Wandering For Wellness

yoga retreat in india, aura goa, yoa in goa, wandering jane, wandering for wellness

Waking up to a glint of warm Goan sunlight, sounds of birds & rustling leaves and going straight to a Yoga class. This is how my days began when I was on my first ever yoga retreat at Aura, Goa near Mandrem Beach organized by Wandering Jane in association with Jia Singh from Wandering for Wellness. Normally I would reach for my phone & do my social media morning routine […]

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Coffee Oatmeal Pancakes

pancakes, oatmeal pancakes, keeros review

This was my first attempt making pancakes without cocoa powder..because I loovve chocolate in anything and everything even though I am allergic to it if I go too overboard with it. I had a sudden craving for pancakes due to the chilly weather we have been having here in Delhi and after seeing pancakes all over my Instagram feed, I moved my butt to make them. These were so easy […]

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Weekly Ritual To Say Goodbye To Those Blackheads

blackheads removing mask

Blackheads.. The moment of frustration you have when you see your face in bright light and notice feels ugghh! They are annoying. Obviously, they aren’t noticeable from far but as soon as you bring your face close to a mirror during the daytime, they are visible. On the overall clean face, they look bad and you quickly want them to go. Isn’t it? For getting rid of blackheads, you […]

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5 Things I Do Every Sunday & You Should Too

things to do on sunday, sunday detox, sunday pamper, what to do on sunday

Here are some particular things I always do apart from going out for a movie or for an outing on Sundays for a productive and easier week ahead. I don’t want you to contribute your whole Sunday to this but just give 2-3 hours and you will notice a difference. Prepare a To Do List For The Week This task may not be appealing to some of you but trust me […]

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An Interesting Way To Include This Indian Superfood Amla In Your Diet

amla recipe, amla murabba, amla sabzi, gooseberry recipe, gooseberry for skin and hair

An amla a day keeps all the hair woes away :D. By amla I mean Indian Gooseberry for all of those who don’t know. Abundant in Vitamin C and other necessary minerals, including this Indian superfood in your diet can help promote hair growth, reduce hair greying, maintain healthy scalp and even heal dark spots caused due to aging (tried and tested, :p). Besides being beneficial for our outer appearance, […]

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Ingredient Spotlight : Cocoa & Cocoa Butter

cocoa butter in india, organic cocoa butter, cocoa butter for skincare , cocoa butter skincare benefits

Simple is often the best when it comes to beauty and by simple I mean: one ingredient beauty. Each ingredient offered by nature is unique and beneficial for skin in its own way. Hence, I have dedicated this series “Ingredient Spotlight ” to particular ingredients you must incorporate into your skincare routine. Today, I am back with an all-new ingredient (think chocolate..), basically two ingredients made from a single source […]

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