Organic or Natural Skincare Brands in India

Switching to 100% organic skincare in India is a very challenging task . The reasons being –

1) India does not provide a proper certification for organic products.
2) There are only a handful of brands in India offering 100% organic products that we can actually trust.
3) Consumers are not aware , therefore it gives an opportunity to the brands to fool them by claiming their synthetic products to be organic. Do not go on the name of the brand that claims to be organic , instead focus on the ingredients that they are using.

Also , there is a huge difference between being organic and natural. Since I find both of them to be safe for our skin and hair , I have included all the natural and organic brands that use safe ingredients for our skin in this list.

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The major reason I decided to start sharing my love for organic products on the internet is to create awareness among the people regarding the benefits of switching to organic or natural products and to stop them from buying and using the ‘”so called organic brands” . If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook , you will see me sharing posts about the fake organic brands now and then. Before posting about any brand I do an in depth research about the ingredients of that particular cosmetic and the harms caused by those.

Organic/Natural Skincare Brands In India

This list only consists of those companies that I have tried myself and I can rely on them for natural products without any doubt.

Have a glimpse of this list to make safer choices for your skin .

organic skincare products

1) Juicy Chemistry

Juicy Chemistry is a Coimbatore based organic skincare brand started by husband- wife duo in 2014 . The couple has created an effective skincare brand that uses the purest and the nutrient rich ingredients offered by nature . Their products are 100% organic and safe to use.

Ditch Johnson’s Baby and try the safest products by Juicy Chemistry for your baby! Their face masks , soaps and essential oils , all are highly nourishing and the purest you can find in India .

My Reviews – Juicy Chemistry Body Mask , Juicy Chemistry Lip Balm and Scrub , Juicy Chemistry Orange and mocha face mask , Juicy Chemistry Hand/Foot Cream , Juicy Chemistry Rice Flour and Green Tea Scrub and many more!

2) Raw Rituals

Started by talented Mrs.Lovina Agarwal , Raw Rituals is a Gujarat based brand which offers high quality skincare products . Once you try their face serums and face masks , you will never go back to your famous conventional brands that are loaded with chemicals.

My Reviews – Skin Brightening Serum , Under Eye Cream and more!

3) Bio Organic And Natural (Bon Organics)

Bon Organics is a socially responsible brand focusing on being cruelty free , women empowerment , ethical , plastic free and organic .  They have reached great heights by launching their organic range of eye shadows and kohl . They have products for your fur babies as well .

4) Organic Mill

Organic Mill , a brand started by Ms.Shreni Kashyab , has a very inspiring story behind its inception . You can read it HERE. This brand offers effective products at reasonable prices . You can have a look at their collection of soaps , toner , makeup remover , oil and cleanser on their website.

My Reviews – Makeup Remover by Organic Mill , Mud Mask by Organic Mill and more!

5) Osha Naturals

A brand owned by Dr.Mansi who has been trained in natural skincare from India. This small batch brand offers high end products comprising of body butters , lip balms , toners , etc. The ingredients used by them are of high quality and the best we can use on our skin . I absolutely love their Rose Lip Balm. Do try it out!

My Reviews – Rose Lip Balm Osha Naturals , Body Butter Osha Naturals and many more.

6) Ma Earth Botanicals

Ma Earth Botanicals was launched in September,2013 after on-going research and development for more than 20 years . The brand is owned by Swarn Sukh and Geetanjali Sukh who believe in formulating their products with highest quality essential oils, vegetable oils and unrefined cold pressed butters . Do check out their rose facial scrub which is very gentle on the skin , still cleanses the face effectively .

My Review – Rose Scrub by Ma Earth Botanicals

7) Soapworks India

Soapworks was started by a young woman named Harini Sivakumar because of her serious concern about the harsh chemicals present in skincare products and her passion for making soaps . Soapworks has a wide rang of soaps in so many different flavors and shapes , Lavender one being my favorite . Also , they just launched chemical free lipsticks . Probably , the first brand in India I can trust for safe lipsticks.

My Review – Soaps by Soapworks India

8) Aroma Essentials

Aroma Essentials is helmed by Madhurima Ramakrishna who has a decade long experience in making chemical free skincare products that can heal various skin issues . They even cater to the needs of international customers . Do checkout their range of chemical free sunscreens.

My Review – Sunscreens by Aroma Essentials

9) Pahadi Local

Pahadi Local is a brainchild of Jessica Jayne , who thought of starting this brand after doing immense research , sourcing the purest products and using them herself. This brand started by selling its most famous product – Gutti ka Tel and now it has expanded its product range  by adding seven more products – Apricot Meal Scrub , Lake Sediment Detox Salt , Mineral Rich Himalayan Clay , Walnut Oil , Roswood Honey , Multifloral Honey and Kangra Leaf Cut Tea.  Pahadi Local believes in Simplicity – Simpler the product , more effective  it is.

My Review – Products by Pahadi Local

10) Meraki Essentials

A brand that caters to all your needs of pure carrier and essential oils . It is run by a family who look forward to natural cures and healers offered by the mother earth. They believe in the quality of products that are available to us in our Mother Land and  aspire to transform these age old beautiful traditions into products relevant in today’s world.

My Review – Meraki Essentials Review

11) Forest Essentials

A luxurious skincare brand offering almost every single product that we need in our daily lives. Their products not only contain ayurvedic ingredients but also offer effective results.  Each of their handmade product uses traditional methods in its making and adheres to the highest standards of purity, authenticity and quality. Forest Essentials extracts the best from nature’s vast repertoire and recreates fresh seasonal formulations using organic cold pressed oils, rare plant extracts, herb infusions and steam-distilled pure essential oils.

My Review – Bela Toner Forest Essentials

12) Raw Home Essentials

Raw Home Essentials believe that what you cannot eat, you should never apply on your face. With this motto, they try and formulate products, based on everybody’s needs. They want to spread the awareness of Natural/Organic products among Indians and promote the use of chemical free products. Their products are 100% natural, hand made in small batches, and solution to individual problem.

My Review – Raw Home Essentials Review


I believe in using the ingredients on your skin that you can actually pronounce and identify. I avoid brands selling products with extremely long ingredients lists . Always remember LESS IS MORE. Also taking care of skin to me is more important than layering it with makeup products. To help you simplify your skin and hair care routine , I launched my own skin care subscription service called “BLEND IT RAW BEAUTY” , a subscription box that will deliver organic ingredients like herbs , essential oils , oils , flower extracts etc. at your doorstep monthly to assist you in making your own skincare and haircare products or to use those ingredients directly into your skincare routine. Read more about my brand – A DIY BEAUTY BOX – Blend It Raw .

NOTE-  As many new organic brands are launching in India slowly , I will keep on updating this list from time to time after trying those new brands . If you are running a skincare or haircare brand that is actually safe to use , mail me at to include your brand in this list.

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  1. I have been just reading this this blog, & I really impressed by the content. you blog structure is wonderful. I would like to thnks to you for the sharing this useful information with us!!

    Health With Herbal

  2. Hi
    U have made a really good list of brands I haven’t known before. Organic vegan brands are the best but the list just can’t be complete without including ‘Burst of happyness ‘. It’s a completely organic, cruelty free vegan brand and all of their products are amazing. Please check it out ull love it.

    1. Hi Deepthi. Thank you for your comment 🙂 . This list only contains the brands I have tried myself. Since I have not tried burst of happiness till yet, I cannot add it.

    1. Yes but I have only used a single product from their range. So , I was not sure to add them in the list or not. I have only added the brands I have used and can trust upon 100%.

  3. Really nice compilation of brands. I’m always searching for good organic and safe skin care products which are based in India. This is a really good list that gave me information about few brands that I haven’t heard before. I would also suggest you to check out Burst of Happyness (if you haven’t already). I really like their products and have used their deodorant, soap free cleanser, shampoo bars and body scrub. May be you’ll also like them. 🙂
    P.S. I have used Soapworks India’s shampoo bar but didn’t really like it. May be I should check out their soaps since I have read a lot of good reviews regarding them.

    1. Hi Archana. Thank you so much. I will surely check out burst of happyness.
      Ohh , you can try out shampoo bars by JC , they are pretty good!

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