Tips On Using Organic Skin & Hair Care Products

organic skincare products expiry

So recently I was contacted by one of my readers telling all about how a subscription box brand tried to fool her by sending her expired product in her box . The subscription box brand had removed the manufacturing date slip from the product which was made of all natural ingredients and the actual parent brand of the product did accept that the product must have expired a long time back.

All this disturbed me , since people in India have recently started believing in organic/natural skincare products and brands like these break their trust just for the sake of clearing away their pending stock.

Hence , I planned to write this article wherein I will share my tips on buying and keeping your all natural products healthy for use and when to stop using them.

I am sure you must have possessed a cosmetic for years and it looked the same as it did on the first day but the smell/consistency/color of your organic product changed within months. What’s the deal? Using organic products is bit more complicated but at the end it always proves to be fruitful for your skin as well as your health.

organic skincare products expiry date

Tips on buying and using organic skin and hair care products :-

So let’s dig in the minute details of using organic products so that you don’t have to throw away your products before actually using them completely :-

  • Don’t Hoard  – Rather than buying too many products at a time , buy few products , finish using them first within 3-6 months and then fill your cabinet with new products.
  • Buy from trusted brands – Always look for manufacturing date on the product. The product must not be more than 30 days old. Thanks to India’s lack of regulation when it comes to the beauty industry, there’s no guarantee your products will come with an expiration date. So, stay away from such brands.
  • Always check the ingredients – So , I  have seen some so called organic brands selling products like “tomato facewash” which contains tomato puree in it . How can a product that contains zero preservatives and tomato puree not turn rancid? Always buy products made with oils , herbs and botanicals. If you want to use tomato face wash , why not directly apply tomato from your kitchen. Also , avoid these chemicals in your organic products.
  • Packaging – Try to opt for products with glass amber bottles.
  • Storage – Organic products should always be stored in cool and dry place. People usually keep them in bathrooms which is the worst thing you can do to your products. Moisture in the bathroom can make your product go rancid quickly. Its a task but you must bring back your products to your shelf after bathing.
  • Never dig in your wet hands in your containers – Always use a spatula or dry & clean fingers to take out the product.
  • When to throw away – I would recommend using the product within 3 months after opening as natural ingredients like herbs and botanicals start oxidizing as soon as they come in contact with air.

These are the tips I follow to keep my products safe to use because remember if the ingredients are spoiled or contaminated, you can expose yourself to skin and health problems like infections, breakouts, dryness, rashes…all the stuff you use skincare products to combat.

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  1. i love how you don’t load your blog posts with unecessary tips and add only tips that we cn actually follow. amazing post dear

  2. Subscription boxes me aisa bhi hota hai !!!!
    Thank you so much dear is awareness k liye
    Maine isiliye abhi subscription boxes lena bandh kar diya hai, kyunki bahut products store ho jaatey thy
    Ab kabhi bhi koi products lety time aapki baatey dhyan rakhungi 👍👍

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