Fresh , Clean & Green With Waundry – An Organic Laundry Service In Delhi

laundry service in delhi

laundry service in delhi

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Doing laundry is a long and tedious task. Everyone loves the scent of freshly washed and ironed clothes but no one likes to get up and spend their time doing this task. For all those who find doing laundry at home a tedious task , I have got a clean and green solution for you – ‘Waundry’ , an organic laundry service in Delhi.

About Waundry – The Green laundry

Laundry Service In Delhi

Waundry is the first organic laundry service in India

Waundry does some great stuff, from being Eco-friendly by not using any harmful chemicals to wash your clothes and keep the environment green and clean. They offer services like dry cleaning , washing & ironing , sofa , carpet , blinds , car & shoes cleaning and steam press at affordable packages with a free pick up and drop service. The most important part of their service is to provide a kind of packaging that not only takes care of clothes from being wrinkled but also makes you trust upon them again and again.

How It Works

Getting your laundry done is simplified by Waundry as you just have to book an appointment with them , they will come and pickup the clothes and after processing them with eco friendly process the clothes will be delivered at your doorstep.

Locations They Currently Operate At

Noida , Gurgaon , Vaishali , Indirapuram and East Delhi.

Laundry Service In delhi

Why I Recommend Waundry

I personally use Waundry for my expensive clothes which cannot be washed at home and for my car cleaning as well. I can totally rely on their service because of the following points (reasons why I will choose Waundry over any other Laundry service).

  • Eco Friendly – The plant at Waundry consumes 30% less water than other washing systems.
  • source url Organic – They use organically derived detergents to wash the clothes.
  • follow link Doorstep Pickup and Delivery with no extra charges.
  • Packaging – They provide a travel friendly packaging.
  • No Damage To Clothes – In case of damage , the company provides the cloth replacement from the same brand as your cloth.

Contact –

Webiste –
Call – +91-8010-141-141

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