Organic face food: Face Serum by Juicy Chemistry

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You all must be knowing how much I love Juicy Chemistry. Like seriously. One of my favourite Indian brand for organic products.

Juicy Chemistry has an amazing story for starting up this brand. If you want you can read it (HERE). This story really made me hooked to them . They make 100% organic products which actually WORK!! I can always trust them for high quality products which contain no nasty stuff. Seriously if you guys are looking for a brand that has effective products. Go check them out.

The thing I love the most about natural/organic products is their ingredients list. Every natural/organic product is packed with so many helpful ingredients for the skin. Like you are feeding your skin with nature’s love.

This Cell Construction Serum is made up of organic Jojoba oil , Vitamin E oil , Sweet almond oil , Rosehip essential oil , Lavender essential oil , Neroli essential oil, Carrotseed oil , Helichrysum essential oil , Geranium essential oil.

Since skin heals at night , its best to apply a night repair serum which will make your skin healthy and you will wake up with a brightened complexion.
I massage 3 drops of this serum after cleansing my face for about 30 seconds till it gets absorbed. I do not apply any night cream on it. I just apply Aloe Vitamin E cream under my eyes.

This face serum does not smell too good but thats completely fine with me. Its a proof of it being 100% pure.

Good points about this serum –
✔ Absorbs quickly.
✔ Skin will not feel oily .
✔ Makes skin soft.
✔You can actually feel the essence of organic ingredients on your skin.
✔ Will make skin healthy if used daily.
✔ I even apply it on days when I don’t have to go out , because this serum is LOVE.

You can get it HERE .


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  1. Hi, Aarushi.
    This JC Serum is a repairing one, but it states that it is not for acne skin. So would you kindly suggest me night repairing organic serums for oily acne skin?

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