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Let me simply begin writing about this soap with one word: YUM! I can never stop staring at this soap and not only the soap , just look at its packaging. How cute. . Before starting to use it , I used to smell it through its pretty packaging. This 100% organic Orange , Sea Buckthorn & Apricot Hair and Body Soap smells so delicious. It has a very pleasing citrusy smell which fills my bathroom with beautiful and relaxing aroma.

This soap is not only meant for your body but also for your hair. A two in one thing. Hehe. .  I had never used a Shampoo Bar before and the mere thought terrified me. I never liked the idea of using soaps on hair , I think soaps can really dry hair out. But after using it , I was AMAZED. It removed oil from my hair just in one wash and left my hair smooth. I have oily hair during summers , so it worked good for them. I would not recommed this soap to people who have dry scalp and ends.

Juicy Chemistry people also provide a natural loofah with every soap you buy from them and I just love that loofah. I used this soap with loofah on my body and it left my skin terribly soft , removing all the dirt and also the dead skin.

The soap is bit pricey but I feel its worth it because its not just for your body but also for your hair. Also, its 100% organic with the goodness of Shea Butter, Mango butter , Castor oil , Extra virgin olive oil , Orange Hydrosol , Sea Buckthorn Oil , Orange essential oil , Apricot kernel oil , Aloe Vera.

The best part about natural soaps is they are made up of so many nourishing ingredients that will make your skin healthy and moisturised as well.

If you have oily hair then this soap is a must try for you.

You can buy this soap on .

Also if you are looking for something for your acne prone skin you can try their black tea and charcoal soap .

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