Natural Products Roundup

natural skincare products

It has been a long long time since I wrote reviews of natural skincare products, No I had not stopped trying new skincare but these days I am trying my hands on different types of content for my blog rather than just go on and on writing long reviews which can get boring sometimes for me as well as for you guys.

This post is a small round up of the recent natural products that I have tried with a short review on each of them. The list is short but contains some of the essential skincare products that we require on daily basis.

So , let’s dig in!

natural skincare products

  1.  Minty Green Tea Body Butter By Gulnare Skincare – I have been loving this body butter. You may be wondering whats so different about this one. Well, allow me to explain.  It isn’t like any other body butter that I’ve used. It is light on skin , gets absorbed easily and gives a mild cooling effect on skin which works as a mood refresher for me. When you rub it in it doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy, but just balanced and hydrated to perfection.  Oh and a little goes a long way. You just need a pea sized amount for your arms and the same for your legs in summers. Usually body butters are meant for winters but this one is an exception. It is mild , it is refreshing , it cools down your skin – everything your summer skin needs . It smells good too. Strong notes of peppermint blended with the smell of cocoa butter. It has aloe vera gel which again works as a skin soother.
  2. Under Eye Oil By Veda Earth – So I have started applying this oil from past two days and its smell instantly lifts up my mood. This under-eye oil is meant to treat dark circes and puffy eyes. Since it has only been two days that I am using this , I cannot say much about dark circles. But yes, it definitely SOOTHES my eyes. I love how it feels around my eyes. Almond being the major ingredient in this oil , it has an amazing skin soothing blend of herbs and oils .The only issue I have is with the roll on , it does not glide smoothly at all. It would have been better if they provided it in a dropper bottle.
  3. Sweet Almond Face Scrub By Gulnare – Being a person who avoids scrubbing face every few days , I try very few face scrubs. Over exfoliation makes your skin habitual of it and the upper layer of your skin tends to become thin & more senstive. This Almond Face scrub by Gulnare containing Oats, Almond Meal , Rose & Calendula Petals, Argan Oil & Vitamin E oil is a bit harsh for my face , maybe because of almond meal. Seeing such exotic ingredients , no one would ever like to waste it. I use it as a body scrub , and oh boy I love how it leaves my skin.. Moisturized, clean and soft.
  4. Organique Soaps – A small brand started by one of my readers sent me few products to try out from their range.If you are looking for moderately priced handmade natural soaps, head over to this brand. These soaps lather well but they did not last too long unlike other soaps.
  5. Pumpkin Face Wash By Gulnare – I cannot explain how much I love this face wash! I have this in sample size but I will be definitely purchasing it from them once I finish it. I have an inclination towards the products containing honey. Along with nourishing properties of honey, this face wash has pumpkin seed oil, rosehip oil , pumpkin seeds and castile soap. It’s a foaming cleanser ( though very mild foam), so your skin feels really clean after using it.  It’s not super drying like some foaming cleansers. Honey and oils help to bring moisture to the skin.

I hope you enjoyed the roundup! Which of these products will you try out? What new products have you tried recently? I LOVE recommendations, so please share in the comments below!

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  1. I have a lot of good things about the Gulnare Pumpkin Face wash..I think its finally time for me to try it 🙂 Loved the short reviews!I recently tried out the Roots and Herbs Pomegranate Kaya Kalp Elixir which I am using as a moisturiser for day time and blend it raw beauty’s Grapeseed oil, Just Herbs Kimsukadi Tail for the night, to seal in the moisture! My skin looks and feels so healthy, plump and hydrated 🙂

  2. Loved reading the short reviews. I love Gulnare products. I have tried their face creams. Will give the Pumpkin face wash a try as it sounds interesting 🙂

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