Natural Skincare With

Natural Skincare With

Let us admit – Shopping is our mood buster. Right? For me , shopping for clothes and food for my skin makes all my worries go away for a while. Skin Food? Yes! That is the term I use for anything I put on on my face

Okay, so let’s come back to my shopping. I had an important exam yesterday , which had made my all week go in stress. To take my mind away from the stress for a while , I planned to just sit online and shop. No.I did not just give away my money for things I did not need. Rather bought some useful organic skincare products from

That1too is an online platform that has  a wide range of products , clothes and accessories from Indian Boutiques. I scrolled through their collection and loved the classy touch that every product has.

They have a few selected skincare brands in their portal and I shopped the products from the organic brands only. Here are the products I bought –

Lip Stains By Island Kiss

After reading a lot of reviews about these , I desperately wanted to try these. For a person like me , who avoids using lipsticks , these lip stains are a pure and natural option which not only give a slight shade on your lips but moisturizes them as well. They contain the purest ingredients like Kokum & Avocado Butter , Beeswax , Stevia , Carrot seed oil , Castor Oil , Macadamia Nut Oil and many more. You can buy them here .

Hair Oil By Juicy Chemistry

I was happy to see Juicy Chemistry on and could not stop myself from buying one or two products  from this brand. This hair oil is meant for hair conditioning and preventing hair fall. This sweet-scented hair oil brings together a bouquet of essential oils such as lavender, sage, cedarwood, bergamot, peppermint, and rosemary mixed into a base of castor oil, cold-pressed almond oil, olive oil, coconut oil, and Vitamin E. Into this goes a pinch of dried herbs such as rosemary, lavender, mint, and sage. I have used this hair oil once , and wow! my frizz had gone. You can buy it here .

Hair Serum By Juicy Chemistry

Say goodbye to chemical laden Livon Serum. This serum made with extremely nourishing oils make my frizz settle down in just one spray. Even though it is made of so many oils , it does not feel heavy or greasy on hair. Ohh , it works as a hair perfume as well with the scents of floral essential oils like German Chamomile and Rose . You can buy it here

Face & Body Ubtan By Organic Mill

Made with just few ingredients that are used since ages to make ubtans like Almonds ,Turmeric , Neem , Chickpeas and Ylang Ylang Essential Oil , this ubtan is very gentle on the skin and I swear it makes my skin baby soft. I use it as a scrub and leave it on for about 10 minutes or more. You can buy it here .

I had a smooth shopping experience with That1too offering few yet useful skincare products. Their site –  .

What do you do to take a break from stressful work?

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  1. Your posts are so enlightening. Skin food – I really liked this term pointed by you in this post. Thank you. I will be trying this hair serum. Livon is too overrated. Agreed!

  2. Wow truly need to buy these…. Other than this I have tan on my arms which is very stubborn could you suggest something for it

    1. Hi Rutuja. You can use this ubtan by organic mill with curd. If you do not want to buy it , its quite easy to make at home as well. Curd works for tan if used regularly.

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