Finished Your Makeup Remover? No Problem! Remove Makeup Naturally Using These Things Available at Your Home

Have you ever faced an emergency when you have finished up all your makeup removers and have to remove makeup?? Well I generally don’t face this problem because for me makeup is something that I only use on special functions or marriages. This is why my makeup removers go in dustbin even before getting used up completely because of their expiry dates. (The makeup remover that I use – Aloe Rose Cleansing Milk ) . I am not against using makeup daily but I don’t feel the need of doing so. To be honest I just apply eyeliner and lipstick on days when I do use makeup. I will be more than happy in using other makeup products as well if I get absolutely chemical free makeup in India.

Lets come back to removing makeup. I once read in a book that removing makeup is an essential part of skincare routine . Every night we should remove our makeup using a makeup remover , then use a gentle facial cleanser to clean the face and then moisturize.

Buying makeup removers is not always important . Makeup can be removed using things or products you already have at home . It makes this process a lot more cheaper as well beneficial for your skin . I have myself tried using many things to remove makeup from simple oils to balms and found some options really effective in doing so. I will list those products below which can be used for removing makeup and you can then try using any one of them which you find suitable.

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These are the most common ingredients that are available in your pantry and are one of the cheapest ones. Oils dissolve makeup and hence help in removing makeup effectively. To remove makeup using oil , just dab some of it on cotton ball and remove the makeup on your face. After this wash your face with cleanser. This method makes skin glowing as well. I don’t know the reason behind it but it certainly does. As coconut oil does not suit my skin , I prefer using Olive Oil. Coconut Oil generally doesn’t suit most of the people . It clogs pores and cause acne. I even got some sort of acne on my legs because of coconut oil. By the way , if you do not want to use these two , any facial oil will do the work like Argan Oil , Avacado Oil, etc.


Once I was travelling and I had nothing to remove my makeup . I got an idea and used my moisturizer to remove the makeup . I took some moisturizer ( twice the amount I use when I use it as a moisturizer) and slathered it on my face , rubbing my face , especially on my eyes gently. (But don’t forget to use a natural moisturizer.) Use cotton to clean your face , followed by a face cleanser. A gel based moisturizer will not work for removing makeup. So use a cream based moisturizer.

Or if you are like me and only use eyeliner and lipstick as your makeup tools , then even your face cleanser will remove the makeup so easily. Go ahead try these and save some bucks!


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  1. I like to use olive oil for removing makeup. Coconut oil causes acne for me too although a lot of blog posts I have found on internet say against it. Never tried using a moisturizer. But its a great idea if you don’t have any makeup removers or oil at hand…

    1. I have stopped using coconut oil as it certainly causes acne. I even read on Internet that it clogs pores.

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