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Hair Care Tips - Glitter Naturally

Its been a long time since I wrote something on my blog. There has been a lot of things going on in my life. Both good and bad ones . I am having my exams this month and working on a scholarship program (fingers crossed, I hope I win it) . Secondly I woke up with rashes on my face yesterday and today they are all over my body. I hope they are not measles. I will keep updating you all about that on my Snapchat (glitternatural). Third , I am working on an exciting project for this blog which you will get to know in December or January I guess if everything goes smoothly. Wish me luck! 😉

So  lets not deviate from the topic and begin with the questions . This Q&A had to be related to hair because I have received so many DMs and emails from all of you asking about various hair issues. I will be answering all the questions asked by you all in this post on my Instagram . Some questions were repetitive so I have clubbed them together. This is going to be a long post so skip the points you don’t want to read (I know you will 😉 ).
Hair Care Tips - Glitter Naturally

Okay , so firstly I am answering the common queries asked by you guys like hairfall , dandruff , dryness etc.

PS- This post contains all tried and tested remedies which are easy and can be made from kitchen ingredients. Everything mentioned below has been either used by my mother or me.

Dandruff – Dandruff can be caused due to N number of reasons which vary from person to person. In my case I have dandruff because of dry scalp caused by winters. The most effective remedies that have worked for me are –

  • Mix some curd with 1 tablespoon castor oil and 10 drops Tea Tree essential oil and apply it on your scalp as well as hair ends. Along with reducing dandruff it will make your hair bouncy and smooth.
  • If you are not a DIY  person then try this Hair Oil for Dandruff that I am using for last one month.

Hair Fall – I don’t specifically do anything for hair fall but the most important thing to avoid hair fall is to keep hair healthy. You can read this post on healthy hair care habits that I follow. Again I would say applying oil to your hair is the key!

Split Ends/ Damaged Hair- Split ends will come no matter what you do. But yes I have seen a huge decrease in the appearance on my split ends for past one year. I only get my hair trimmed once in six months. I use this Hair Mask for damaged hair which is not only effective for split ends but also smoothen and condition dry and damaged hair. You can also use this Hair oil for damaged hair.

Extremely Dry/frizzy Hair – Ohh well I have the same issue! This Leave In Conditioner and hair oil  have been a boon to me. Additionally always apply a hair mask made with curd. I swear it will help.

Hair Growth – A healthy hair routine is important. You should always be consistent. I used to take fish oil tablets earlier as well for hair growth. But I switched to being 100% vegetarian last year so I do not take it anymore. For hair growth ,Organic Castor Oil works the best. I  mix it with my coconut oil sometimes for a head massage.

Premature Greying of Hair – I have the best remedy for you for this. (I swear :p ) . Take 50 gms each of amla , shikakai and brahmi powders and soak them up in water in an iron pan. Give it a boil in the morning , sieve it and apply in your hair like oil. Your hair must be completely wet in that. After that wash your hair with water , no shampoo . Let them dry , apply coconut oil and wash your hair with shampoo the next day. Its a long procedure but I can guarantee  that this will help you avoid white/grey hair , promote hair growth , reduce short will solve any hair issue. (I am planning to do a complete post and a short video on how to make it as it is a bit complex procedure , comment below if you want it).

Now coming to your questions …

By @pixieonfleek – Dermatologist asked me to stop using hair oil due to my acne. Any other way to keep my hair healthy?

– Hey Aishi. You can still use hair oil. Just apply a hair oil half an hour before you have to take a bath and cover your hair with a cap or towel wet in warm water. Generally hair oil comes on face while sleeping which causes acne. Or you can always apply a hair mask which is nourishing instead of a hair oil.

By @smellycat_208 – My hair is getting scantier from the front lately. I use Patanjali Shampoo and conditioner which really makes it soft and manageable but I feel I am loosing my hair . Is it the shampoo?

– Hi Vitasta. I am not sure if it is shampoo or not but I would certainly not recommend using Patanjali. I find their beauty products to be of extremely low quality , they contain chemicals as well. I mentioned in my post on healthy hair care habits that we can loose hair from front because of our hairstyle. Try switching your hair styles.

By @simplicity_at_its_best – I m suffering from sever dandruff and hair fall.. my scalp is oily and locks arer dry.

– If you scalp is oily , you should not leave hair oil overnight. Apply it one hour before going to the shower. For dry ends , this Leave in conditioner will help you a lot.

By @pearltreasa – I have very frizzy hair.Tried many methods.using ogx morrocon oil. No use.Either it will look oily or dry. My hair looks oily and ends are frizzy without any natural waves. Can suggest any powerful product? Just envying ur beautiful!

– Hey Treasa thank you for the compliment. The one product that will surely help you is this Leave in conditioner to keep frizzy ends at bay.

By @libra_sheikh – Had pin straight hair but for the past year they have gone all dull dry and damaged…. no idea what to do.

-Hello dear. You must have changed your hair care routine. Please read all of the content above , you will surely find a remedy for yourself.

By @imtoopunkrockforyou – Suggest a minimalistic hair care routine for a lazy person who has dry and frizzy hair. Like what is the least I should do for my hair🙊?

-Hahaha. This question made me laugh. The least you can do is – Apply a hair oil once a week . And as soon as you come out of the shower with wet hair apply the leave conditioner I have linked at the bottom.

By @jainmonam – How to get straight hair?

Hi Monam. I loved your name :p . Well, this depends on the genes and your hair cut. Do not go for step or layers , they make hair look wavy at the ends. Opt for simple hair cuts like U shape or straight cutting. I have experinced this myself.

Natural Products I recommend – 


– Ma Earth Botanicals Hair Cleanser (It is for extremely oily hair)

– Juicy Chemistry Coconut Milk and Ghee Shampoo Bar for Dry hair

Hair Oil

Hair Oil For Dry Hair
Hair Oil for Dandruff


– Ma Earth Botanicals Conditioner for normal hair
Leave in Conditioner for dry and frizzy ends

Also, stay tuned on my Instagram , I will be reviewing tons of hair products like hair masks , hair oils by some new natural skincare brands soon.

Note – I am not an expert. I shared my own opinions out of experience and my love for reading about skin and hair care.

Still have any questions? Comment below , I will answer.

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  1. Thank u so much, mere Q ka reply mujhy mil hi gaya, waise bhi main homemade hair mask lagati hi hu….ab aur help mil gai 😍😍😍😍😍💕💕💕💕💕✨✨✨✨🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

    1. Hi Aishwarya. If we use lemon alone , without mixing it with any other ingredient then it is too acidic for our scalp. Mixing half a lemon with curd neutralises the acid. 🙂

  2. Thanks🙏 that was really helpful👍. And patanjali shampoo are worst.I also find hairloss after using it. 😩

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