My Journey To Becoming An Entrepreneur

blend it raw apothecary, blended botanica, glitter naturally


blend it raw apothecary, blended botanica, glitter naturally

Hey guys, today I am here to share all about my journey to inspire you to work towards your goals. This article has very scattered thoughts. Please don’t mind.

Coming from a middle-class family with no business background, I started my blog and my business right from scratch. You don’t need a strong background or people to help you. You are absolutely enough to help yourself. You just need a clear vision of what you want in life and how you want your life to look like. Best Rated Casino Sites in the UK 2019 Play Online at the Best UK Sites – check now.

On November 22nd, 2015, I was crying in my bed because I had my first university exam the next day & I didn’t know a single word. I was an avid user of Pinterest at that time and while sobbing and scrolling through Pinterest, I decided to start my own DIY Skincare blog, beginning with sharing simple DIY recipes made with kitchen ingredients (no fancy product reviews because I didn’t own any). With time, brands started getting in touch with me for barter collaborations and I started reviewing them on my blog. This is when I started taking this as a serious project and started reading a lot about photography, blogging, skincare and investing in products I wanted to review.

After one year of reading & researching, I realized how difficult it was to get pure ingredients in India and I knew I wanted to start my business on these lines. I started saving (I used to take German tuitions since I was 14) and investing in samples from different suppliers and since we used to visit Uttarakhand a lot, my father motivated me to talk to people and know the local ingredients which we could sell. I was just 19 when I started talking to people and suppliers, no one took me seriously. After months of trying different ingredients from different places, I decided to launch Blend It Raw Apothecary starting with DIY Skin & Hair Care boxes. I invested my entire savings in buying the ingredients, packaging material and jars without giving a second thought. I still remember the day when I was in a clumsy market with my parents and the supplier of our jars quoted minimum order quantity 1000. We went ahead and bought 1000 jars even when at that time only 21 people had pre-ordered my box. My parents were standing strong with me. They kept motivating me all the time even when they were scared in heart that what if things don’t work out. They have spent their entire life trying to establish different businesses which never worked out due to some or the other reason. Still they never forced me to not pursue a business.

I started Blend It Raw Apothecary with just 5 ingredients and really simple DIY recipes because at that time I only relied on the Internet for my knowledge. If you are my reader, you might remember that it was a hair care box and surprisingly we sold around 100 January boxes.

2017 was tough for me. I handled my blog, this business, my college, german tuitions I was taking and my German diploma all together. I even failed in my exams which came as a shock for a person like me who has been a topper all her life. But I had to accept the fact that I can’t do everything together. This year was tough but a life changing one for me.

Within 1 year of operations, Blend It Raw Apothecary already had more than 1000 customers, 50 ingredients, 6 DIY boxes, and more than 200 reviews.

Our lives literally took a 360 degree turn and I can’t thank god enough for this. 2018 began with a move from my bedroom to a new space for Blend It Raw Apothecary. I enrolled myself in skincare course and set up my skincare kitchen. Blend It Raw Apothecary has helped me fulfill my dreams, invest in my future, support my parents and fund my travels. This year I traveled so much that I had never imagined. I did my first international trip. My mother sat in the plane for the first time.

Setting up Blend It Raw Apothecary single-handedly has been a tough yet interesting journey. Sourcing the purest possible ingredients has been a major challenge. I have visited so many farmers to source our herbs, collaborated with two distillation units to make our hydrosols and essential oils and tried oils from various manufacturers.

In 2018, Blend It Raw Apothecary started receiving wholesale orders. I feel contentious when I see brands using our ingredients in their products.

Not only my business has changed my life but it has also made me believe in my dreams and has evolved me as a person. I have become very confident than I was before.

I intend to expand Blend It Raw Apothecary more, get some employees join me and add more ingredients to our list.

blend it raw apothecary, blended botanica, glitter naturally

And finally I am so excited to announce my new venture “BLENDED BOTANICA”– where I will be selling skin & hair care products formulated by me. It took so long to launch this because I wanted to study properly and try the products I formulate on people before presenting them to you guys.

After making 80 custom face balms and experimenting lots of different formulas to get the right texture and skin feel, I am so happy to share with you that the first product for Blended Botanica is MAGIC BALM- an organic pressed serum.

blend it raw apothecary, blended botanica, glitter naturally

MAGIC balm is an organic pressed serum made with powerful botanicals and extracts to heal and hydrate skin. This superfood potion melts in touch of the skin and creates a sheer layer of protection. Each ingredient has been chosen to soften skin, provide deep hydration, repair damaged skin cells, fade scars and render a healthy glow to the skin. The golden color from unrefined oils & extracts shows the abundance of carotenoids, an important phytonutrient which provides an immediate glow and helps repair damage caused to the skin. It has been thoughtfully and carefully formulated with reactive, easily congested skin in mind and is made to calm & soothe sensitive, inflamed, damaged, acneic or irritated skin. MAGIC feels light on the skin and has a grounding herbal scent of tulsi & turmeric.

You can read more about it here.

PS: I keep sharing snippets of my life and my work on Instagram. You can follow me here.

You can also read the article I wrote on Lessons I learned from my business here.

I love you guys and I feel so grateful to have people who believe in my work and products. Wish you all a very happy New Year. I really hope your 2019 is full of abundance and love.


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  1. So impressed 👍👍 bahut motivational hai ,ye bahut accha hai ki family full support karti hai tabhi aapki mehnat safal hui 👏👏👏👏
    Wishing you more n more succes 💐💐💐💐

  2. Happy new year Aarushi. Hope you have an amazing year ahead. Happy to see you grow and waiting to try my hands on your newest creations and many more to come.

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