My Experience With Formula Botanica

learn to make your own organic skincare products, how to make organic skincare products, skincare school

Heyy! Finally, I am here with this most requested post- Formula Botanica Review. Formula Botanica is a UK based organic cosmetic formulations training school with online classes and modules. No matter where you live, you can enroll yourself in this course.

learn to make your own organic skincare products, how to make organic skincare products, skincare school

I have always been interested in Organic/Natural Skin & Hair Care products and more than that I have always been interested in knowing the benefits of each and every ingredient I put on my skin and how are these ingredients blended together to create a product that is effective. One day, I started looking for places where I could go and learn to make my own products but unfortunately, none of the institutes I found impressed me. I was apprehensive to give this online school a go only because I had never studied online before but after scrolling through their Instagram posts & reading the reviews given by some amazing organic skincare brand owners, I made up my mind to save money and invest in their course. Finally, after a year of savings, I enrolled myself in Diploma In Organic Skincare Formulation by Formula Botanica this year in January. Top online casino bonuses here find the best casino bonuses.

As soon as I enrolled for the course, I received my login ID for their portal and I started studying from day 1. It was like I have found some pandora box full of knowledge, interesting videos, ingredients directory, and links to articles. You also receive a guide to the material you need to buy in the beginning and a supplier’s guide. Fortunately for me, I already had all the ingredients needed from Blend It Raw Apothecary and I ordered the rest of the tools from Amazon & set up my skincare kitchen. It was like a dream come true. It’s not necessary that you will be needing a whole skincare kitchen, just a small space where you can store your ingredients properly and whip up your products in a neat & clean environment.

learn to make your own organic skincare products, how to make organic skincare products, skincare school, skincare lab, skincare kitchen
My Skincare Kitchen

For the first two months, I studied in depth about different clays, oils, butters, wax, and herbs and experimented with them to know their skin feel and how each one of them behaves on the skin.

After lots of reading, I started formulating the products following the guidelines given by Formula Botanica. I formulate around 4-5 products every week to get the right consistency and nice skin feel. And the most important- to check the product’s stability. Formula Botanica gives utmost importance to product safety. According to them, an unpreserved water-based product is more harmful than a preserved product. It also gave me clarity about which chemicals are toxic and which chemicals (lab derived ingredients) are actually good for the skin and the product’s stability. It has taught me to take essential oils seriously since they can be more harmful for our skin if not used in proper percentages. I am on my last module right now and I know how to formulate all skincare products apart from sunscreen (which can only be made in scientific labs). This year has been all about lots and lots of learning..all thanks to this course.

The best part about Formula Botanica is- THEY DON’T SPOON FEED YOU. You are not given any set recipes but guidelines to formulate the product. You are left free to experiment with different ingredients and formulations. READ, TEST THE INGREDIENTS & FORMULATE. There is no end to experimenting. We have amazing tutors and a group of formulators and students from all over the world on facebook to guide us if we feel stuck.

Some of my initial formulations

The journey with Formula Botanica is difficult because you do have to give a lot of time to learning and experimenting. You do waste a lot of ingredients (expensive ones too) while experimenting. Sometimes you do end up making products that look like egg scramble or products that don’t look or feel as you wanted. But you will enjoy this process of trials and errors and end up creating beautiful products for yourself, your family, friends and for your customers. After all, making skincare products to sell is not as easy as you think. I took this path because I wanted to have 100 percent knowledge about all the ingredients I sell at Blend It Raw Apothecary and the DIYs I share on my blog. And you don’t know, I might even sell my own formulated products one day (announcing something very soon).

I would recommend you to go for the course if you are ready to read, experiment and invest.

You can read more about them here.

If you have any more questions, please comment below.

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  1. Hey Aunty. Thank you. First product jo ki prso ara h, wo dry matured skin k liye perfect h plus greasy b ni hga. I am sure apko psnd aega.

  2. Wow, great news, sabse pehle congratulations πŸ’πŸ’ n best wishes for ur bright future πŸ‘πŸ‘
    Aapke brand ka naam kya hoga 😊
    Plz meri super dry n mature skin k liye kuch accha sa banaiye, jo sticky na ho n mere dry, frizzy n thin hair k liye kuch aisa jis se un me jaan aa jaye aur wo shine karey n manage bhi rahy 😊
    Aapki first customer banana chahungi 😊

  3. Great post Arushi!
    My biggest doubt ever is how does one know if we can mix any particular2-4 ingredients and the result will not be toxic for our skin ?like what will be effect of mixing ? is this also being taught in course?

    1. See, there will be no harm in blending two butters or two oils together or even butter and clay. You can make any combinations you want, try it on your skin and test. You will be better at making these choices once you try different ingredients and know their skin feel and how they behave. All this comes with practice. Formula Botanica will obviously give you parameters like absorption rate of oils, target audience, benefits of particular oils to make this decision.

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