Must Try Natural Face Masks of This Year

natural face masks in india

When it comes to taking care of skin or pampering yourself , a facial mask is a must. Not only does facial mask help our skin look and feel its best , applying a mask helps us to de-stress and give ourselves some peaceful time. Masks make skin look hydrated and fresh with a dewy glow by drawing out all the impurities from the skin.

Is it weird , if I list face masks as my top interests? There is nothing better if you ask me. They feel good, they help you look good, and they’re utterly relaxing + indulgent… even if you’re masking while writing blog posts late at night. My obsession with natural face masks is already known to my readers . I love layering my skin with masks with skin nourishing ingredients and without any toxins. Today I am rounding up my most used and loved  pure and natural face masks these days. These are must try if you are into natural skincare.

natural face masks in india

Juicy Chemistry Sweet Orange and Mocha Face Mask

Juicy Chemistry had to make it to this list . I have tried almost each and every face mask from their range and non has disappointed me. This face mask is a saviour if you wake up with dull , dehydrated skin or tired looking face. It instantly wakes up the skin! The caffeine found within such extract gently stimulates circulation which will result in brighter and glowing skin. This mask does sort of everything , it hydrates my skin , adds a glow ,improves texture ,  firms it and reduces any redness (if it happens). I always use this mask in the morning to get a fresh glow on my face.Besides having coffee as its main ingredient , this mask has some of my favorite ingredients like Olive Oil , Cocoa Butter , Cocoa Powder and Vanilla Bean. You can buy it here.

Raw Rituals Black Magic Face Scrub

Raw Rituals has always been my favorite brand for serums but I also liked their Black Magic Face Scrub which is actually a scrub but I have been using it as a face mask by mixing it with rose water or normal tap water. This is my third tub of this face mask , so you can make out how much I love this one. Some of my readers had issues with this product last month , but now the company has changed its formula a bit and made it according to the expectations of the people. This mask is meant to detoxify skin by removing each and every dirt and dust particle. It is super detoxifying as activated charcoal attracts dust from the pores like a magnet, hence making them clean. I use it at night after a long day out in Delhi’s pollution filled environment to clear up my skin and unclog pores. Buy here.

Mud Pure Mask by Roots Magique

I received this mask in my Reverie Box and its my most favorite product from that box . This mask has ayurvedic herbs that heal the skin from within providing it with a healthy glow. This mask works super effectively in reducing dullness and pigmentation on my face . At first it turns my face a bit yellow but I wake up with a healthy glowing skin the next day.I do not know why but somehow this mask clams me down and makes me feel fresh after a long and hectic day.

Juicy Chemistry French Green Clay and Chamomile Body Mask

Giving attention to our skin other than face is also important. Applying a body mask is a mess but it gives a spa like feel with smooth legs and hands.To be honest I do not apply a body mask too often during winters. I use this mask only after shaving my legs and hands, It is so soothing and calming for the skin, hence it heals any inflammation caused by razor. It is a must try if you shave your hands/legs like I do. Buy here.

Do you have any favorite natural mask?

Do share your favorite masks with me in the comments so that I can try those as well. 😉

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  1. Hi Aarushi. I am looking for a mask to treat my acne? Which mask should I buy? Also , how can I buy this Roots Magique Mask?

    1. Hi Shalini. You can look for my post about acne by typing acne in search box. Also , you can dm Roots Magique on Instagram.

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