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Moringa Oil By Moringa What - Glitter Naturally

buy Keppra (Keppra) Have you heard of a miracle tree “Moringa ” that grows in the foothills of Himalyas? Moringa Tree is  described as a miracle tree for its properties to cure or prevent about 300 diseases. Keeping in mind its medicinal properties and antioxidants galore , this tree is generally used as a superfood by people all over the world. But nowadays this magical tree is making its way into your beauty products as well. You can find it in powder form which can be added to your facemasks or in a form of cold pressed , organic oil.

Being a blogger I am sent a lot of products to try but only few make it to this blog. Almost one month ago Ekom Mamik , the founder of Moringa What sent me her creation i.e. Pure Moringa Oil from small farmers in the foothills of Darjeeling bottled in a cute bamboo packaging inside a jute bag. After receiving the product I went through a lot of articles to read about the benefits of this miracle oil and could not stop myself pouring it all over my skin and hair knowing how my skin and hair will be benefitted from it. This is the reason I am sharing this blog post with you all.

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Benefits of Moringa Oil –

Being rich in antioxidants , nutrients and omega fatty acids , this oil has a lot of benefits i.e. –

  • Anti aging
  • adds a natural glow
  • reduces dark spots and blackheads
  • promotes healthier scalp , nails and hair
  • cures rashes or inflammations on the skin
  • works against dandruff and split ends

Ways To Use Moringa Oil –

Moringa oil can be applied directly on the skin and hair as it absorbs easily into the skin, leaving no traces of it being applied on. I make a hair mask by mixing moringa oil with coconut oil and aloe vera gel or apply it to my face by adding two drops of lavender essential oil. I generally use it for my hair as I cannot tolerate its smell when it is on my face. It makes a great massage oil too!

You can buy this oil here. It is a bit pricey though. Have you tried Moringa oil or powder before?

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  1. Benifit to kaafi hain, aur inki packaging kitni attractive hai ?? price chk karti hu mere liye affordable hoga to jarur try karungi ?
    Thanks dear ki aapne iske baarey me bataya ☺

    1. I bought Moringa Leaf Powder by the brand called Organic India. I have always heard good reviews about this brand being pure and all organic. This is the first thing I have ordered from them. I quite liked the quality of the powder. Tried it once with kaolin clay , I did not see any added glow but I will still use it since it has many other benefits for the skin.

  2. I’ve never tried but came across this oil somewhere online. Never thought of checking why is it used for, loved your review. Thanks for sharing babes ❤️

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