Tried Face Balm For The First Time & I Am Hooked!

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While many of you might have heard about face balms, I am sure most of you have not tried them yet. I have hardly heard any brand in India selling face balms, so the trend of face balms is quite new here. Seeing all the green beauty bloggers from the States on Instagram raving about beauty balms and including them in almost every skin pamper routine, I was quite interested in trying them out.

Recently I got the opportunity to try out the Sweet Serenity Skin Rescue Balm by an Austrian brand named Max and Me and I was dancing with joy to try out my first face balm ever. The rich colors of oils and the beautiful texture of the kinds of butter that go into this balm can actually attract anyone.The texture is similar to that of a coconut oil when it is kept in cold temperature, solid but melts as soon as it touches the skin.

This small jar that has shown me results since the first application contains a long list of ingredients including moisturizing butters, skin soothing & healing essential oils and rejuvenating carrier oils.

You only need a pea sized amount to envelop your skin with this skin savior that is meant to provide an instant relief for irritated, stressed-out, inflamed conditions, boost collagen build-up and provide the perfect level of hydration. Massaging this beauty into the skin not only calms down your skin but your mind as well. The rose geranium ingredient is what eases your heart and mind and instantly relaxes any sort of anxiety or stress from the day.

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I swear I am hooked on this baby. I use it religiously every night after cleansing my face. It has given me a smooth dewy complexion since day one of its use. It evens out skin tone, makes your face appear fresh the next morning and gives an amazing effect on pores as they actually appear smaller. The skin feels more toned and supple, trust me!

Once you try it, you will see why I am hooked.

You can purchase this here. It is expensive for us and you might be required to pay customs as well like I did.But if you get a chance to try it, please do without giving a second thought.

Have you tried face balms before?

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