5 Changes That Can Make Working From Home Healthier

STAY PRODUCTIVE, health blogger, indian health blogger

Okay, I have a confession to make. I HAVE BEEN EXTREMELY LAZY FOR PAST FEW DAYS.

My daily schedule has been to wake up around 10 am (winters are harsh on me), sunbathe for half an hour ( I cannot do without that), plan out my day, cuddle up in my blanket with my laptop & work till 8 pm or so. I do give myself enough breaks but during the break time as well I am at home listening to music or scrolling my Instagram.

Perks of working from home (WFH) are endless—no commute, you can work in your pajamas, flexible timings—but all this comes with its own cost.

you become lazy.

less movement = health issues

staying productive can be tough.

This may not be the case for everyone, but this is what I am experiencing. I am being busy without being productive. I have started having neck aches. I am gaining weight (I wanted to put on weight but that’s not how I wanted). I am finding it difficult to wake up early. I am craving a lot of street food.

STAY PRODUCTIVE, health blogger, indian health blogger


Here are some changes I am making right now for a healthier “work from home” lifestyle.

  • http://kseniapphotography.ca/about/ GET UP & GO FOR A WALK/WORKOUT – My workout these days is yoga (on alternate days) & dance classes, which I have been procrastinating for so many days but then again, I practice yoga inside my house only. The challenge here is to wake up at 7 am and go for a morning walk. Come back and then practice yoga.
  • cheapest price for acyclovir WORK AWAY FROM THE BED – Working on the bed makes you lazier and you tend to feel sleepy a lot. Set up a workspace with a proper chair and work desk. Limit your bed activities to just naps and sleep.
  • http://bfscolorado.com/events/ DON’T STAY IN YOUR PAJAMAS ALL DAY LONG – You won’t believe that this is the most difficult part for me. I am the one who hates dressing up and loves to stay in tees and pajamas all day long. Getting up, showered, and dressed like you are heading out the door to conquer the day can help you feel energized and increase your focus and productivity.
  • MOVE YOUR BODY – Keep moving every few hours. I have also joined my dance classes again to keep myself active.
  • STOCK UP ON HEALTHY SNACKS – It can be easy to wander into the kitchen when you know it’s packed with treats, so keep temptation at bay by buying fresh fruits for snacking. Or opt for healthy sugar-free & made with just real ingredients snacks available these days.

Got any more tips to share with me? Comment below.

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  1. Ask me. I used to hit the sack at 4:00 AM (scrolling through limitless insanity-the internet). Next day would be so crappy, and the dread of this continuing loomed.
    The only way I got myself to bed before midnight, was by having a personal calendar, and cross out the days I went to bed and got up early with a Red Marker. The more crosses I made, the happier and confident I felt. And if I slacked a few days, I’d feel terrible about the uncrossed days in my calendar This technique of cultivating a desired habit is infamously known as “DON’T BREAK THE CHAIN” method.
    I am a Master Procrastinator. I still am. Two ways of getting around this (for me) is a “To do list” app and the Pomodoro Technique. These are great tools for guilting myself into doing the things I should be doing- So I don’t feel like a mess at the end of the day 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Huda for these tips. I have become better at completing my tasks by using to-do lists but sleeping late and then waking up late has been the main issue all this while.

  2. Rightly said 🙂 I loved reading it. And yes, I get to work from once a week and the whole I’m lousy. The mistake I do is sit on the bed and work. So I got myself a laptop table and that has helped 🙂 Also, they say even if we don’t go to a workplace, get up, dress up professional and that automatically gives us the briskness 🙂

  3. the one thing that attracts me to your blog is the honesty with which you write everything. Rather than pretending to be doing a certain thing like many other bloggers.

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