Product Review : Lip Scrub By Organic Mill

I am a person who loves to layer my lips with lip balms day and night. I love to try different lip balms. Even then my lips feel flaky and dark sometimes. The reason is – Besides needing moisture, our lips also need exfoliation. Lip scrubs help to remove the dead , flaky and dry skin from our lips.

For quite some time I am using Organic Mill Peppermint Lip Scrub


125 INR

Peppermint essential oil, grapefruit oil, brown sugar , Vitamin E & Honey

The packaging of all the products by organic mill is neither too luxurios nor too boring. They have a simple yet good packaging for travelling.

How to use?
Take a very small amount and gently rub your lips with it for five minutes. Leave it for 2 minutes and rinse off with warm water. Apply lip balm .

As only a small amount is needed to be applied twice a week , this tub will last you for a long time. The best part about organic mill is they offer value to the customers.


When I apply this scrub my lips get a very cool effect because of the peppermint while sugar sloughs away dead skin and honey adds moisture to my lips. Even after scrubbing my lips don’t  feel dry so I skip the lip balm . After washing my lips feel a little plump and pinkish which is why I am a bit addicted to it and use it more often then required.

You all will love this scrub . Use it before applying lipstick and your lipstick will glide smoothly over your lips.

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