Life Update : Part 4

glitter naturally, life update

Hey guys! Finally, I am writing this post. I started this series a long time back but only got to write 3 posts for this till now. :p I don’t want to bore you guys way too much with my life updates. Writing this once in few months is fine, I guess.

This winter has been whirlwind in so many ways, from massive changes in my professional life to so many travels to figuring out more and more every day what I currently want to focus on and pour my energy into. Read my intentions for 2018 to have a deeper insight into my plans for this year.

Last week I completed my  buy Keppra online uk first ever solo trip to Udaipur and I couldn’t be happier. Traveling solo gives you the kind of healthy push you need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. You learn to embrace being around unfamiliar places, people and all of the challenges that will present itself on the road.

glitter naturally, life update

And now it’s time for this homegirl to hibernate. I will be in bed with my laptop, sipping my ginger tea, catching up on pending work, writing and planning my coming weeks with my blanket and pajamas.  yep!! there is so much going on here. I am moving to a bigger space for my brand Blend It Raw Apothecary next week and setting up my own skincare kitchen. (Dreams do come true). Also, you guys would love to know that can i buy propecia over the counter in canada I JUST ENROLLED FOR A DIPLOMA IN ORGANIC SKINCARE FORMULATION with Formula Botanica. I am so so so happy that I am finally ticking off this from my list. I always wanted to be certified in what I love. I love making skincare and now I will be having a proper course to guide me in this. Stay tuned to my Instagram stories. I will be sharing short tours of my skincare kitchen and my adventures with skincare ingredients while formulating products for my course. I am so proud of myself for these two accomplishments. :p there is nothing wrong in being proud of yourself. Celebrate what you achieve.

Now, let’s get to the links I want to share with you guys from around the web. (my fav part of this series).

  • Want to shop from Blend It Raw Apothecary? :p I just shared my list of favorite products.
  • I am obsessed with cute stationery these days and just got my hands on some really nice stuff from Creative Middle. I have used their notebook, gift tags and notecards. Now I am eyeing their checklist notepad. 😀
  • I loved this article on why you shouldn’t instagram your vacation. But being a social media influencer, I need to share my vacations on my blog.
  • Self care is beyond bath salts and chocolate cake..I totally agree.
  • Just ordered this book Indian Superfoods to get more knowledge about our Indian superfoods since I want to include more of our Indian superfoods in my diet instead of going mad over fancy western superfoods. I will be sharing more about this soon.
  • Also, I have enrolled for this course with Formula Botanica. If you have queries, please comment below. I will answer them all.

Goodnight. Going to sleep early tonight!

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  1. Oh my god this is great achivement congrats Arushi you just become an inspiration to many ppl… and me too…
    All the best for your future

  2. Hi, aarushi I stumbled upon your page on FB. Glad I did. You are such an inspiration. Self made formulations reaching the market shelves is like a dream of every skincare enthusiast. If it is not a trade secret then can you please share how to accomplish it. Who to approach and most importantly how to get the licenses and do I need to have a small registered place as the manufacturing area? It would be really helpful if you share. Even if you don’t for reasons I totally understand, I would like to say you made me realize how I need to keep trying. Thank You!

    1. Hey Lubna. Thank you for appreciation. Till now I have not sold any self-made formulation so I cannot answer you about the licenses you need. I have just started my course on formulating my own products so launching them will take some time. PS : If you want to sell online, then you must get a GST number which will include your address from where you are operating. You can get your home address registered too. It’s not a big deal. If you have more questions, drop a mail to .

  3. Wah, congratulations aapki sab achievements k liye ???? aap hamesha successful raho yehi blessings hain ??
    Solo trips life ka accha experience hota hai ??

  4. So happy to read of your accomplishments! These are big milestones for anybody and especially so for you considering how young you are. Keep doing the good work, wishing you more success xx

  5. congrats aarushi. may i know the duration of the course? Is it 100% online course?
    Plus can you let me know the amount you paid?

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